Sunday, 14 June 2015

Caramel Sauce Recipe (resepi sos karamel)

 Caramel Sauce (sos karamel)

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Taken from Ozzyorange's blog

200gm sugar (i use brown sugar)
2 table spoon plain water
60gm butter
120gm whipping cream (i used evaporated milk F&N)

it tastes like choclairs, cadburry. =P


1) Cook the sugar with low heat (atas dapur ok) then after about 1/4 to 1/2 of the sugar has melted & lightly browned, add water. Continue stirring. Constantly.

2) When all the sugar has completely melted, add butter and stir until it melts.

3) Remove from heat then add whipping cream (i used evaporated milk). constantly stir until all the milk mixed well with sugars. Now the sauce will be thicker and sticky.

4) Then put them back to low heat (just for a while) and allow to cool.

5) So dah siap! U can keep them in jars, freezer or any container. =)

i buat sikit (half of the measurement up there) just for a cake topping.
That's my cake! =D
It makes your cake looks yummeyh and sexier~ XD

U can also use caramel sauce on your tea's bread..
from Google
Ice cream~
caramel pudding..

Google image

and hey, dengan pisang jugak. =D


Macam best kan?
Okay dont forget to try~
Bye2. =)

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Baby, Mommy & Daddy fondant cake

Family themed fondant cake

No words, only pictures.

The process of making the heads, body and outfit
I love this the most~ =D


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Pavlova's recipe (resepi pavlova)

All you need are:
1) 4 L sized eggs (grade A) -we need the egg white ONLY
2) 200gm of castor sugar/fine granulated sugar
3) 1/2 tsp of vanila essence
4) 1 tsp of vinegar
5) 1/2 table spoon of corn flour
(crdt to kak rai for this recipe)

okay so how to make it? easy as ABC i tell you. =D

Separate the egg yolks from the eggs. we need only the egg whites to make meringue.
Make sure your bowl has no oil or any dirt stain. To make stiff and good meringue we dont need those 'impurities' okie. ;)

Beat the egg whites with slow speed for a while then to medium-high speed.
Add sugar.. slowly.. after the eggs bcm foamy (dont add sugar too early) then continue beat for 7-10 minutes.

Make sure the meringue has stiff peak and u can make sure it by turn ur bowl upside down. It should'nt fall.

Add vanilla, vinegar & corn flour and this time, just mix them up. Dont stir vigorously or too long. or else, u will spoil your meringue. ;)
Pour the meringue onto baking paper or paper cups or anything as u like.
Spare an inch from the size u want as it will expand abit after u bake it.
Preheat oven at 150 degree celcius for 15 minutes and bake ur meringue for 60-75 minutes.
To avoid the pavlova from cracking, leave it in the oven for 30 minutes-1 hour after the baking process. It cant be at sudden drop in temperature or else, it will collapse.

For the topping, i used
Non dairy whipping cream (most people love dairy type but u have to add sugar okay)
Beat it at cold temperature until soft peak.
Decorate your pavlova with fresh fruits. Ideally, berries like strawberry, rapsberry, green/purple grapes, blueberry, kiwies etc.

So itu saja! Senang kan.. ;)

Untuk order pavlova, boleh contact
*self pick up*
area Sg Buloh, Shah Alam, Puncak Alam, Subang Jaya

size 10'' (topped with strawberries, kiwies & grapes)
RM 65

Small discs (minimum order 9 pieces)
RM 7-8/pieces

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