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Caramel Sauce Recipe (resepi sos karamel)

 Caramel Sauce (sos karamel)

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Taken from Ozzyorange's blog

200gm sugar (i use brown sugar)
2 table spoon plain water
60gm butter
120gm whipping cream (i used evaporated milk F&N)

it tastes like choclairs, cadburry. =P


1) Cook the sugar with low heat (atas dapur ok) then after about 1/4 to 1/2 of the sugar has melted & lightly browned, add water. Continue stirring. Constantly.

2) When all the sugar has completely melted, add butter and stir until it melts.

3) Remove from heat then add whipping cream (i used evaporated milk). constantly stir until all the milk mixed well with sugars. Now the sauce will be thicker and sticky.

4) Then put them back to low heat (just for a while) and allow to cool.

5) So dah siap! U can keep them in jars, freezer or any container. =)

i buat sikit (half of the measurement up there) just for a cake topping.
That's my cake! =D
It makes your cake looks yummeyh and sexier~ XD

U can also use caramel sauce on your tea's bread..
from Google
Ice cream~
caramel pudding..

Google image

and hey, dengan pisang jugak. =D


Macam best kan?
Okay dont forget to try~
Bye2. =)

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Happy on my Tummy said...

Ni kalau dgn pop corn agak2 menjadi x.???

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