Saturday, 14 May 2011

pendidikan seni visual -.-'

yes, on one tipical night.. my lil sister came to me and gave me this thing,

and i was like.. ''so??''.. she grinned and asked me to choose what topic of drawing she should choose.. yeah she wanted me to SUGGEST.. i asked her whether she wanted a simple question or a more challenging question n she didnt mind so..........

i chose the 4th question which is, ''hasilkan sebuah catan menunjukkan buah-buahan tempatan. Buah-buahan itu terletak di atas sebuah peti kayu.''

i asked when is the exam day? ''it's next week'' n i said, ''lets practise! haha'' (even thou i never did this during my school age) XD

we started with basic, i asked her to draw (the sketching) n guess what? she had no idea at all.. what the heck? it was just buah-buahan! n for sure we used to draw them since we were in kindergaten! (iznt it??? -.-) i took out all my things n start the 'tutorial' at the dining room..

my 'life'.. (oh please! =P)

ok, so i drew.. i mean, i sketched for her n thought she would colour it HERSELF but then, end up i started colouring n of course i finished it.. XD haha kiddin! i started n what i was trying to do was, trained her blend the water colour n emphasized on what n which part to make darker or lighter.. (shading).. so lets follow up the 'tutorial'! =D

can u believe that?? my sister made it! (but 90% assisted by ME) XD

yeah.. messy.. but it's normal for EVERY process of making art..

i demonstrated the RED apple.. then she followed with the GREEN one.. nice what? kan?

hmm still messy.. but ok lah! she just started isnt it? she's forgiven! XD (it happened to me thou.. -.-')

yeay, it's done!! well done sis! (n of course it was touched-up by ME! =P) especially the shading part..

she tried to make it again WITHOUT my help..

n end up like this.. =) she able to make ONLY the sketch.. -.-' (mengantuk katanya)

by wan aidah... hehe (mmg tak lar)
but i still proud of her efforts! =)

thank u for reading! assalamualaikum.


hyemynameisrasyid said...

hehe.,tringat zaman skolah.,
letak watercolour byk2 atas ketas lukisan.,then lipat dia.,pastu bukak balik lipatan tu.,tara, seni yg simple~

izzah jaffar said...

kan.. hehe rindu.. XD

ezzat said...

i remembered SPM 2005. i got a dissapointing A2 for my pendidikan seni visual...
was never good at painting.
got myself a wacom bamboo fun a couple of years ago, started digital painting, feeling great now :-)

ezzat said...

oh ya, lupe, nice thing goin wit traditional art in ur blog.
do tutorials. geeks like me love tutorials

Anonymous said...

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