Tuesday, 31 December 2013

roses wilton 1M-like nozel tip

wilton 1M is so famous that everyone wants it
this is how it's look like

n i went over so many bakery shops for this tiny little thing, all sold out lah. out of stock lah.
quite dissapointed.

but then one day i went back home i played around with my buttercream n used all of my nozels.
just to practise my hand n yeah, wasting time. literally.
n suprisingly, one of my cheapo nozel, with no label or number, without me realised it almost has same pattern as wilton 1M's.
so i tried on my choc moist cuppies.
with 3 pastel coloured buttercream.
i was so happy it turned out as what i expected. =D (almost)

some were damage. so i remove the roses n redo.

because i really want to make this ombre cake

taken from www.countrycleaver.com 
 will make one soon!

thanks for visiting my blog.
bye! =)

girlish/pinky fondant cupcakes

Monday, 2 December 2013

cupcakes for party, meetings and sort

tea cupcakes for meetings, party etc
RM40-50* for 25 pieces of cupcakes (M size)
(min order: 25 pieces)

*depends on type of cakes, size and deco
contact/sms me thru http://www.facebook.com/izzahjaffar or 012-699-3994 to Q&A and order. ;)

Friday, 29 November 2013

how to make marshmallow fondant

Last time i did my first marshmallow fondant with miniature marshmallows
n i went to my fav bakery shop to make more fondant, they were sold out.
so i decided to buy normal marshmallow u can find them in normal supermarket.
As long as it is WHITE and HALAL.

2 packs of 200g white marshmallow (make sure it's HALAL and some prefer mini size)
2 table spoons of water
1kg of icing sugars (sifted)
few scoops of vegetable shortening
colourings (oil based/paste)


16 oz mini-marshmallows 
2 lb powdered sugar 
1 tbsp water 
1 tsp corn syrup (optional) 
1 tsp lemon extract (optional) 

Yield: 3 lbs fondant 
from cake boss

1) Melt the marshmallow. Pour them into heat resistent container and add 2 table spoons of water. 
Stir every 30 seconds until they completely melt. (it will take around 2 minutes)

2) Dont forget to grease your spatula beforehand. Or u will suffer when it comes to cleaning it since marshmallow sticks so hardly on surface.

3) Pour the melted marshmallow onto bunch of sugar. Do not used all sugar. Half of it will be enough. The other half will be needed during ur kneading process later.
Oh ya, again, not forget to grease ur working surface with shortening. This will be so messy but yeah.. that's what it needs. =D

4) Knead the fondant and add the remaining sugars until u can feel the consistency of fondant more or less like play-doh.

5) Lastly, knead fondant nicely into ball shape and coat it with thin layer of shortening before wrapping it with plastic. U'll have to set it for a day before using. Dont store fondant in refrigerator/freezer. Keep it in any air-tight container in room temperature up to months. Try it and enjoy! =)

Thank you for reading.

p/s: there's other way to make fondant without marshmallow. I've tried 2-3 years ago. click here

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

dental themed cupcakes

another order from my colleague.. senior colleague
a set of 12 cupcakes with dental theme
fuhh~ demmm excited! =D
i googled few photo on dental/dentist theme cuppies but only few came out.
so i tried do on my own and expected the best from me. hee~
so scroll down and enjoy my fondants. =)

the green sheet there was actually mask. but it turned weird. maybe the colour didnt really match the real one. 'smile' lips, few big tooths, and denture? errr...

i think this denture looked better. with toothbrush and some dental tools. what? mirror and probe?

toothpastes.. and the tools

Mix and match. Setting up the fondant decos with the bases. based on colour and equality.

added 'spices' (flower and sorts)


toothbrush with lil cutey of toothpaste on it.

''okay. now we can start putting those on cakes!'' =D

i left two cupcakes with no fondant bases to make gigantic molar tooth on it. hehe

and........ taddaa!

so that's it.
thank you for viewing my blog. =D

(p/s: for fondant recipe: click here)


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