Friday, 25 April 2014

basketball theme cake

basketball couple themed cake.
100% marshmallow fondant.
cake: red velvet
filling: cheese cream
weight: 1.3kg+

Thursday, 10 April 2014

runningman themed fondant cupcake

minion cake (how to make)


who doesnt know this yellowish creature? XD
it's MINION!
it was a request from a friend of mine
really a pleasure for me to make it.

so basically, i use the normal recipe for rainbow cake
i used martha stewart's recipe.
n if u used to make rainbow cake in a 6'' mould, uve to triple the batter to make this tall cake.
i will attach the recipe here later.

forgot to measure how tall this cake was. but it's really tall. to me. -.-

crumb-coated cake. chilled for half an hour in ref. before coat it in fondant.

n....... tadaa! i wasnt able to snap the process of making this. nobody was there. sobs.

it took me 3 hours for only the deco part.
every each layer of cake took 35-40 mins to bake.
but i have 2 moulds of 6'', so i did them (the baking thing) thrice.

since it was my first time, i was not able to wrap the cake smoothly. i mean, first time for tall cake, 2nd time for fondant whole cake. 

there were flaws everywhere. im sorry....
btw, thanks for the order. =D


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