Tuesday, 25 September 2012

cheese oreo + chocolate cheese cake

heyyyooo~ salam sejahtera.
nahhh.. i wont write lengthy post like previous one.
i just wanna share recipe~ *as usual* >,<
last time i did plain cheese cake but i didnt post about it.
i shud and i will (later) because.. i used the same recipe but i altered a lil bit.
from plain.... to oreo filling and chocolate flavour~ =)
so this time, i made both of them!
let's scroll down n enjoy~

so basically all you need are...
(for standard size mould -8")
• 125g cream cheese 
[wanna make it more cheesy, add a lil more.. maybe 150g? or more]
• 300 ml fresh milk
• 80 g butter or margarine
• 80 g flour
• 80 grams of refined sugar
• 3 A size eggs
• a few drops of vanilla essence / lemon juice

p/s: wanna know basic measurement in cooking/baking?

Prepare a pot, pour the milk .. butter .. and cream cheese, heat them in double boil pot and continuously stir.. so tat it wont crust at the base.. Use a hand whisk to stir (easier) .. dont let it boil.. just until they melted and mix up together.. => put aside n let it cools down.

Prepare two bowls, one bowl of a slightly larger and medium size.. Whisk the eggs and separate the white and yellow. Make sure the container of egg whites (make sure no yolks at all okayy) are clean without greasiness or any dirt. As usual, the best result is to use fresh eggs.. (easy to make meringue)

pic taken from sue-hasue blog.

THIRD (refer picture above)
Beat egg whites until frothy and then add sugar. Beat again until smooth and light foam. It is important for meringue to be light to produce a lighter cake. Note the picture above this number 4, it is called a 'soft peak'

After that, beat yolks pulak~ just about 1 minute.. dont have to be as light as white eggs~
psstt.. u can preheat ur oven already.. ;) (160 degree okay)

Pour the earlier mixture (the cheese,milk and butter), slowly pour into the egg yolk mixture.

Stir for a while. Sift the flour little by little, (sieve half, stir very slowly.. u can use handwhisk btw) Stir until well blended. =) -refer to picture below

pic taken from sue-hasue blog.

Pour the vanilla extract and mix again.. slowly. Finally, pour meringue into the batter. Here u can still use handwhisk but should stir them slowly in one direction round shape slowly..
always make sure they are MIXED and well blended. =)
then u can put them into mould or paper cup. its up to u. same thing

btw, i tout im supposed to do this plain light cheese cake recipe in another post. =.='
but never mind, for oreo cheese cake, just add oreo into the batter. =P
and for chocolate cheese, just change the fresh milk, to chocolate milk.. and add cocoa powder into the batter for sure..
continue scrolling~ =D

(after i poured oreo biscuits)

(after i added cocoa powder)

(after i changed normal milk to choco flavored)

time for 'creaming'~~~~ XD
wanna know how? click here.

put any colour u love~

n here we go~

after took them out from oven, let them chill for half an hour a least~ i waited for an hour.

(the chocolate cheese~)

(oreo cheese cake)- before

(oreo cheese cake)- after

usually, people dont really decorate cheese cake..
because me too prefer it to be plain..
as cheese itself pun nice already rite..
but i didnt do it for the sake of it taste.
i just wanna try sumthing new (which is the recipe) and of course i wanna decorate! XD
so let it be colourful and fancy!..
u can throw the cream away if u dont want (which i always do;))

closed up

chocolate cheese cake after decoration. =P
yeah, they looked quite messy.

So basically, that's what i did last weekend.
it took me 5 hours++
baking is really consuming time
n also patience dont u think? lol

the cream balances~ =P

i think it's really nice to put them in boxes.
(if u wanna make them as a present)
if not, just serve them right away..
or cramp them in reusable ice cream boxes. =P

if only i can make bussiness thru this... =P
(x sedar diri busy.. lepuk sikit.)
and plus, i still couldnt 'score' in term of taste.
not qualified yet.

there are variety kinda boxes sold.. for single cupcakes, triplet, quadrat, 12.. 25.. n yeah.. i think max is 25. but i dont wanna recommend this shop. u sell me those things with so handsome prices. u're lucky bcs ur just nearby my house. n u're new. so i supported u. lol

ok tats all..
thanks for reading.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

art in taking history

Assalamualaikum n hellllooooooo~
hey, today im so free to write. yeah im home and im feeling so great! XD
here im gonna write a lil pieces of my stories in HTAR (klang hospital)
all of us hve been divided into groups of postings..
Medicine, Surgery, Paeds, OnG and PCM.
since im now in medicine posting, kinda broad things to learn but
for beginners like us, History Taking n Physical Examination are the main points.
it was all about basic skills that all medical students have to practise, and practise, and practise. eventhou u're already a doct or even a specialist.
They always say, taking history is an art.. that u must practise and be creative with it! so that u can come into diagnosis very easily and be a great doctor! =D
i remembered my paed's consultant (almost all actually) taught tat history and physical exam will lead to the correct diagnosis 90% most of the time.

Basically, these are the things that we have to find out from the patient we clerk.

His/Her chief complaint (of what makes them come to hospital)..
History of presenting Illness
Past medical history
Past surgical history
Family history
Social history
Sexual history
Review of systems (just to make sure we arent missing sumthing)

It's kinda hard for first time doing it. i mean, taking history of my first patient.
I remembered how awkward was i when i first came to ward.. to find a patient as a task for next day's presentation.
n ive no idea why i went there alone. probably just to get the 'feel' first.. lol
yeah the patient came with shortness of breath which its abb is just SOB or in medical term, it's dyspnea.
''ok.. SOB... SOB.. SOB, gosh, wut else to ask!''
actually it was hard when u or even me had fixed things like SOCRATES format in ur head because tat's mainly for pain.
can we ask about SITE for SOB? or radiation? no rite.
but others like Onset, Aggravating factor, Relieving factor can be asked in this case.
so that means, ive to be creative enough in modifying questions.
It's okay to keep socrates in mind but be able to correlate with the presenting complaint. and so that we wont MESS UP!
n doctors always remind us to start with open-ended questions. such asss...
“Tell me more about your chest pain.”
“What did your stool look like?”
“What is your pain like?”

 n avoid  this way
“Was your stool black?”
“Did you have a crushing pain in your chest?”

btw, why im like giving a lecture pulak? gosh~ haha
im just excited to share jee..
n of course im still brushing up my skill. lol
things getting better in Klang.
i enjoy clerking and talking to patients even sumtimes u get pissed off by certain people (i wont mention who. =P)
n of course, it always be US that being our own 'enemy' when u feel so a lazyass..

''Miscommunication often occurs not because you didn't ask the right question but by HOW your asked it''

oh ya. other thing about Klang..
it's like a dead city (well said Zhafir) with a bunch of crows.. not just one.. it's a lot of bunches or supposedly flocks kann? ahhh.. easy said, it's like they own Klang. =P
so many of them n they simply poop everywhere.
the poops look like paintball stains to me.
n really annoying when they shoot their toxic and acidic wastes onto ur car.. -.-
other than that,
the hostel itself is like a castle of coachroaches (do i spell it right? =P)
i think im gonna make friends with these creatures later lahh.. really good friends. hmmmmm

lol, i think not only patients experience this.. =P 
me n eddy pernah macam in a spelling class when we wanted to figure out what's written by the HO. haha

ok that's all.. a lot of things to say but it's 3 a.m already~
need to sleep.
tomorrow gonna be a long day for me.
btw, i bought these..
they're from a new bakery shop near to my house.
i like it! but the goods there are quite pricy.. huhu
for just boxes, all together cost around rm12. which i think it wud be around 6-7 if i buy at Bagus Bakery shop in Shah Alam. =.=

but, never mind then.
ok papai uolss~
thanks for reading.
have a great day n
Assalamualaikum! =)

''Laughter reduces pain, increases job performance, connects people emotionally, and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain.''

Basic measurement in baking/cooking etc.


Flour (Tepung)
1/4 cup = 30gm
1/2 cup = 60gm
1 cup = 125gm
6 3/4 cups = 1kg (1000gm)

Sugar/Butter (Gula atau Mentega)
1/4 cup = 60gm
1/2 cup = 125gm
1 cup = 250gm

Liquid (Cecair)
1/4 cup = 50ml
1/2 cup = 125ml
3/4 cup = 180ml
1 cup = 250ml
4 cups (1 quart) = 1 Liter 

Cup measurement
(sukatan cawan ke gram (oz))

1 cup plain flour = 125g ( 4 0z)
1 cup self raising= 125g ( 4 oz)
1 cup castor sugar = 250g ( 80z)
1 cup brown sugar = 185g ( 4 oz)
1 cup icing sugar = 125g ( 4 oz)
1 cup sultana= 125g ( 4 oz)
1 cup coco = 125g ( 4 0z)
1 cup walnut = 125g ( 4 oz)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

my 6 weeks~

holaaaa~ assalamualaikum!
hey, it'd been long time me no update.
btw, this post was supposed to be posted earlier..
before raya hari tu sebenarnye but..........
tu lah, i didnt have the feel to do it then.

nothing special. just wanna share my story of being JUNIOR practical student.. 
hmmmmm how's it eh..
ermmm, simply said, i was clueless. totally clueless.
but yet, interested to know how was it going to be.
so all phase 3a students started their 'new phase' with these basic knowledges, class and all sorts medical thingy in these 6 weeks..
we learnt how to clerk..
we learnt how to talk..
we learnt manners in ward..
we learnt to do basic CSU procedures..
we learnt to do physical examinations! and many more..

it was exciting btw. yet boring sometimes~ =P
this was when we did the catheterization.. in clinical skill unit room~

learnt how to use otoscope~ ''before you touch the patient, try and practise to ur friend!''- by most of the doctors & profs

same goes ere~ practise all kind of PE with ur friends.. learn the normal before you can appreciate the abnormal. well said~

our experience in OT (operation theatre) - learnt how to scrub and gown.

shazrin~ =D

spent full month of Ramadhan in 6 weeks~

and break fast with friends~

nothing much to be told ere~
more exciting stories in Klang btw.. lols
will update later~ bye.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

in my friends, i find a second self.

nothing much but just missing my friends and missed our time we spent together.. =)

It's the times we're so crazy,
that people think we're high.
It's the times we laugh so hard,
we can't help but cry.
It's all the inside jokes
and "remember whens".
those are all the reasons
that we're best friends!

p/s: it has been 2 months of practical year.. kinda busy.. huhu but im interested in writing about 'the art of history taking'.. lol doctors, profs always said that we need to be creative in taking history.. know the patients well n treat them as a whole.. so, ill share few of my experiences soon~ hehe =) ok papai~

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