Thursday, 20 September 2012

my 6 weeks~

holaaaa~ assalamualaikum!
hey, it'd been long time me no update.
btw, this post was supposed to be posted earlier..
before raya hari tu sebenarnye but..........
tu lah, i didnt have the feel to do it then.

nothing special. just wanna share my story of being JUNIOR practical student.. 
hmmmmm how's it eh..
ermmm, simply said, i was clueless. totally clueless.
but yet, interested to know how was it going to be.
so all phase 3a students started their 'new phase' with these basic knowledges, class and all sorts medical thingy in these 6 weeks..
we learnt how to clerk..
we learnt how to talk..
we learnt manners in ward..
we learnt to do basic CSU procedures..
we learnt to do physical examinations! and many more..

it was exciting btw. yet boring sometimes~ =P
this was when we did the catheterization.. in clinical skill unit room~

learnt how to use otoscope~ ''before you touch the patient, try and practise to ur friend!''- by most of the doctors & profs

same goes ere~ practise all kind of PE with ur friends.. learn the normal before you can appreciate the abnormal. well said~

our experience in OT (operation theatre) - learnt how to scrub and gown.

shazrin~ =D

spent full month of Ramadhan in 6 weeks~

and break fast with friends~

nothing much to be told ere~
more exciting stories in Klang btw.. lols
will update later~ bye.

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