Tuesday, 30 August 2011

flowers for RAYA!

hi u olls~ assalamualaikum!
 we've just passed the last day of Ramadhan and im sure im gonna miss it..
oh btw, how's raya preparations? good?
how many of u did bake cookies and kuih raya?
hopefully everything is fine..

ok, so today's post wud be all about photos as usual..
nothing to describe but this entry is somewhat dedicated to my mom..
coz thru this, i'm so clear on where my 'ability' in arts came from.. lol..
but like seriously, im so fascinated.. ^^
my mom loves to arrange flowers..
no matter new or recylced flowers..
so have a look.. =)

i love this arragement.. eventhou the former was nicer..

at the edge of living area..

simple n neat..

birdy2.. XD (did u notice the birds?)

elegant white..

recycled from the past 3 years's flowers..

recycled too..

on the dining table..

recycled too.. at the family area..

i love all of them!
but still, im not so interested in arranging flowers..
hopefully 'yes' in future! =D
ok, that's all..
for those raya in kampung, berhati-hati di jalan raya..
im going back kampung in terengganu on the 2nd day of raya..
cant wait for it! XD

my home sweet home <3
friends, ur so welcomed to my house.. =)

p/s: Do you know what is the meaning of the word EID ?
Eid is the combination of three meaningful words as follows:
E = Embrace with open heart
I = Inspire with impressive attitude
D = Distribute pleasure to all peoples
EID Mubark To ALL.


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

how to weave ketupat?

hello assalamualaikum everyone! hows puasa so far? it have been a week already n hopefully the Muslims are still actively bermujahadah for ramadhan.. i read these from my friend's blog n i found it really makes sense!

''Ramadhan is a month of sacrifice and struggle. It is a month where Allah wants our time, our health, our wealth, and our whole being. We literally live the whole year for everything and anything. It is just one month…can we not live one month solely for our Creator?! So what if we have to sacrifice our sleep, and random other luxuries that we can do without anyway. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” The amount of sacrifice and struggle we put into this month, Allah will reward us in this world and the next accordingly.
Give yourself to Allah, and see what Allah has in store for you.''

nice rite?? =)
oh btw, back to my topic, how to make ketupat? how to weave it? the very last time i weaved ketupat was when i was in standard 4.. or 5. not sure but it was pretty longgg time ago..
but then, when i saw my roomate really tried to weave ribbons, it some what boosted me to do it too.. i googled n found this in youtube.. pretty easy to do btw.. n i practised till i finally made it! =')

yeay! seronok! =)

so technically, i learnt all the steps from this video.. trust me, weaving ketupat is damn fun! im addicted to it ady.. hehe

oh ya.. last but not least, i wud like to promote our event's programmes.. there'r a number of contests u can join.. (for peeps from IBNU SINA COLLEGE) either u r malay, indian, chinese or any other races pun, we're pleased if u guys participate in any one of the activities..
who can weave more in 30 mins..
the most liked photo..
kad raya decoration..

please be free to check this page out.. n join us! =)

ok thanks for reading!
have a nice day.. =)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

ihya' ramadhan

Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry.  ~Author Unknown

wahahaha.. hey3! assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of ya!
first of all, i wud like to wish, HAPPY FASTING! and happy gaining more blessings from Allah for this 'Chief of the months'..

"O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you,
as it was prescribed for those before you,
so that you may become righteous."

ok, in conjunction with the coming of Ihya' Ramadhan's opening ceremony, we, the AJK for biro persiapan pentas had a collaborative teamwork (between our AJKs n other non-AJKs) to prepare the backdrops and
all stage stuffs.. 

guess what? a lots of hurdles came like insufficient tools, lack of colours (pelaka), less 'staffs' n many more.. that weekend (sat n sun before ramadhan.. oh we started on friday btw) was the worst n awful weekend BUT we did enjoy! really! =D having Zapik, Amni, Ogy, Topeq, Adi, Tina, Aimi n not forgotten, Imran (who gave treats on all of us at 4.00 am), Khalis (the cheerful guy on my first pic ere- sleeping in front of the PC with his facebook's on) n Fizy (AJK for technical who accompanied us all nite) as the team members wud be the most enjoyable teamwork i ever had.. =D

 u noe y i said it was the worst weekend? coz we slept at 6.am staying all nites (for both days) with hurdles n probs.. n it didnt stop there, it caused my Monday bcame a bad Monday too.. oh, not only me, but for everyone of us! haha it caused me to skip my english class for 1st Ramadhan n bagus lah tu kan? XD

first day for the preparation. Zhafir (our 'mastermind') hehe.. sketched cactus for the backdrop accessories..

topek did the paiting for wordings.. XD

my girls.. cutting the cactus.. n sorry to say, college is damn poor of tools, even polisterine cutter pun xde? no, it is actually rosak but even 70$ cutter pun xde? we bought cutters from college groceries n LUCKILY that shop was still open..

n again, poor us, we had to find alternative way to decrease the usage of colours n y?? because we lack of colours lah! but y we lack of colous? we have our own stories n better not to be written here.. coz later, many will be offended) =)

tried our best to make the shadings.. (luckily we bought yellowish-brown plain cloth)

away from the actual plans.. we planned to make it like sunset scene, but yeah unfortunately we cudnt make it.. (x cukup colour ok, sbb si zapik beli colour kecik! =P)

guys involved: zapik, adi, topek, imran n fizy..

we did these 'dotted' technique was just an alternative plan to insufficeint colours.. clever much?? hehe but it really works n yet ok-ok larr.. even it didnt look like what i'd planned.. =(

there's IMRANGG!! he came late btw! hahaha but as a paid, he gave us treats on murni's foods.. XD

we painted this 10 METRES long cloth until 4.30 a.m.. n y we took LONGGG~ time to finish it? haha we did karaoke and sang lots of songs togethers.. all kind of songs we played n we really enjoyed that great moment! =D

this was one of fizy's crazy idea.. adi brought a packet of 'gold-chocolate' (u noe, chocolates wrapped by golden paper?? it's famous when we were young huh?? XD) n ogy was the one who tried so hard to finish the chocolates just for the wrapping papers.. (to make the SUN)


None of us is as smart as all of us.

had supper at 4.30a.m.. shud i say it as sahur?? XD

Team means Together Everyone Achieves More!

again, stupid hurdle.. we didnt have thumbtacks nor staple gun to hang the cloth.. but they tried their best to do it with needles.. haha but they didnt make it.. XD

some more accessories..

its already around 5.30 a.m then.. n while waitin adi to find any thumbtacks, some of us slept on the stage..

80% done.. we added scallops to cover the uncovered parts (the red board) n i tied a giant ribbon at the middle of the scallop..

if i get the chance to snap the latest one, ill upload it.. if not, just imagine jelah okayy~

btw, i cant compare this project with those projects i've done during my school time.. i missed those days i spent with BKC members.. n i used to work with lots of people n the size r also diff! actuallg they arent comparable pun..

anyway.. selamat berpuasa dan sama-sama lah kita mengimarahkan masjid dan surau2..
n last but not least, thanks for reading! ;D

Welcoming Ramadhan Month, please forgive all my faults friends, to my muslim friends, hopefully we will be a better person during and after Ramadhan, Happy Fasting!
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