Saturday, 10 March 2012


this wont be a lengthy post i promise. XD
just wanna share, i love neurology so much. (i guess so? =P)
i love when Prof Kim had actually 'boosted' my mind on how cool our brain is.
i love when he told us story of his neurologist friend who deals with this 'thing' (which is the brain) which makes someone's unique.
i love when i know i 'used' both sides of my brain equally. (more to right side in exact. huhu)
i love when i learnt more about myself. =)

unfortunately, i didnt have that much time to study on this topic due to lotsa things going on that involved me. i didnt manage to actually re'stare' my lecture notes even after classes. T.T worst, i slept in classes most of the time. oh God.
But i always remind myself, Allah (swt) never puts any burden on a soul that is beyond its ability to bear..

 so InsyaAllah. =)

by the way, i was so damn free yesterday n i managed to learnt this topic at least half of the syllabus.
i didnt read coz i'd tried but i slept like 20 minutes after i started reading notes of anatomy? XD
so alternative way, i watched videos from utube.

(to go to the page i mentioned, click on the picture pls. XD)

simply click on the picture or this link,
i learnt a lot from his videos. =)
thanks to acap a.k.a papa for this link.
i really recommend u guys to watch these first to get the overview idea of neuroanatomy, then only u read notes. (i will i guess.. errr..)
but... do i still need to read every words from snell or lecture notes? (i noe to score mcq, it's a YES then. huhu)
need advice. =P
ok thank you for reading. bye2

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