Wednesday, 22 June 2011

abstract painting

hi and assalamualaikum to everyone!
yesterday was a boring day, i did nothing other than watching tv..
then i googled up anything that attracted me then i found this.. 
AUTOMATICALLY i remembered i found this photo a year before and i planned to make it!
so apa lagi, of course i wud do it in my own version! ;D

 i'd been drawing this stuff all evening and well, quite satisfied with d outcome! =)

i used 3 pieces of 300 gsm drawing block..


started colouring the base. (orange)

then, shaded at every sides of the base (i used red)

dah mula colour kat dalam..

i used buncho water colour (which is actually wont be that nice to be blended.. saje nak habiskan colour adik.. btw, usually i use water colour jenis ''ARTIST'' which u can find it in certain place saje.. but it has a very good quality and fine molecule or colour) ahha!! XD

but i have a friend on mine yang mmg terer in blending the colour.. doesnt matter how cheap the colour is.. as long as u ada EFFORT (dan sedikit bakat ;D) , anything can be as what u want it to be.. =D

proceed with adding MORE coloursss..

abstract colours..

ok, yang itu was actually havent totally dried yet..

done! make sure the colour is completely dry before u overlayed it with another colour ok! XD

closed up.

ok, this is my OWN VERSION of abstract painting inspired by the photo i showed to u up there!
but mine wont be as awesome as it lorr.. saya budak baru belajar! =D

i cut the polisterine (the white thing under them) followed the size or my paintings..

n put them up on my sis bedroom's wall.. =)

do comment n thanks for visiting.. =)


Mukhlis said...

wowww cantik =]

Roy Martin said...

nice one!!

AesyaZealous said...

woowww wonderful..

Titel said...

waaaaaaa? gila lawaaa! siriyes lawa!

Adib said...

you're talented lah.

CouLeur de Chiqu3 said...

ahah..nice !

Abang Stalker said...

awesome.. o.O smpai bt mke teruja ni.Awk cantik dan berbakat. :)

Anonymous said...

nice job! really creative works and nice blog u have here..keep it up! looking forward on your next project... :)

Anonymous said...


アヌム ちゃん said...

wah berbakatnyaa.cantik..berapa lama ambik masa nak siapkan tu..

izzah jaffar said...

5-6 jam.. XD

Mista Ag said...

wow!! pndainye u mlukis+kaler.. nk mtk tlg watkn 1 utk bedroom i blh x? hehe... gorjes giler nie...

Atul Zakariya said...

siyes lawa u blend that colour tau...stylo mylo tu...rasa cm nak tempah je..

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