Sunday, 19 June 2011

steamed moist chocolate cake for dad..

certain peolpe do not know when is exactly father's day..
Fathers Day in Malaysia is held on the third Sunday in June. 

Father's Day in Malaysia is not an official holiday, but it is customary to observe it on the 3rd Sunday of June. Every body busy wishing their dads, posting on their facebook's wall or give them cards but yeah those arent wrong.. but what i want to really emphasize here is, DO U APPREACIATE THEM???

Sure, not every dad is perfect but our philosophy is that if you have a good one or an almost good one, take the time to tell him how much you love him now, while you still can. 

Our dad taught us the value of a MONEY and the importance of HARD WORK. Most importantly, he always ensured that we were safe and well cared for, even when we were no longer living at home. =')

To this day, he takes the time to show us he loves us, even if it’s not in so many words.
What do you appreciate about your dad?

Btw i wanna share these few things..
on how to appreciate them.
  • Tell and show your father how much you appreciate him. Tell him on Father’s Day, but also show him somehow everyday.
  • Tell your dad you love him today and every day.
  • Do something for dad, without him asking for it.
  •  Live life to the fullest! Be a person of substance and make him proud
so that's it..
now im gonna share the recipe of steamed moist choc cake that i made for my dad couple hours ago.. =)
first of all.. we need,

ingredient A
220 gm flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 / 2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
50 gm cocoa powder
180 gm brown sugar

ingredient B

2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence

ingredient C
200 ml evaporated milk (i used choc milk)
200 ml mazola oil
200 ml hot water

1. Mix all ingredients A in a bowl untill wll mixed.
2. Beat the material B in a separate bowl. Then pour them into bowl of A. Stir well.
3. Add ingredients C in a mixture of material A. Stir well.
4. Heat the steamer until boil and after the mixture is ready, pour into 8 x 8 inches mould that have been buttered or oiled or covered with parchment paper.

5. Steam for 1 hour++
6. When you open the lid steamer mask slowly so that water does not drip on the cake.
7. Decorate with chocolate cream. or with baked chocolate. =)

cocoa powder

after steam it for about an hour and a half

ok menyesal sebenarnya decorate lebih2 ni.. hehe it looks worse than before.
i prefer it to be plain.. with dark choc topping!

happy father's day abah.. 

try it! it tastes nice n moist..
really wanna u guys to try to make it! all the best! =D

thanks for reading and assalamualaikum..


mimie saie nie said...

lawa.. tapi telebih deko..

stellaizz said...

lama x mkn kek.....mcm sedap ye.....

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