Friday, 6 May 2011

pari-pari malaysia

yes.. itu dia! but dont want to be so emo larr.. coz final exams have finally ENDED!! so happy, happy, happy! have u heard about angel? like alice in wonderland? like 'pari-pari' in bawang putih bawang merah? hah, now i would like to share my art.. illustrated and idea from this picture..

but unfortunately, it became this...

first step! throw all the colours u like! on the drawing blocks or plain sheet of cotton or what ever u want.. (i used 4 drawing blocks and combined them together)

n yes, it will look messy and thats what i like about colour n paint.. next, enhanced the colours.. by shading and touch ups..

like that ok lar... then, start sketch the object u want to put in.. like mine, i planned to put an angel in it.. =) (preferably free-hand sketching) so it will look smooth and natural..

for the tree's branches, i started from the angle of the drawing block.. u can start from centre too.. it doesnt really matter..
then, complete the branches and make it like 'packed' and occupied in the drawing block. to be more artistic, draw some exotic flowers about 2 or 3 would be enough..

 like this,

 but seeing ur arts done like tis, it wont give u satisfaction! ceh... hehe for me, anything u like and u made it, u have to appreciate it.. so like i usually do, i will frame it..

 the process of making the frame..

 n finally. =)

thank u.. assalamualaikum. =)


muhammadtaufiq said...

wan izzah.. like dat angel... make another for me can???>>> thnx design kan baju robot wktu FIS<<

hani raihan said...

izzah, klu tak dpt jd doc, or wat part time job pasti laku nieeee, seriously, suke tgk hasil karya awk..tak yah beli mahal2 kat luar

Syimir said...

kak,serius cantek deyhh..hehe

hyemynameisrasyid said...

pergh.,cantik kot~
caya la.,kalau cmni bleh jual x weh? (aku pikir bisnes je,hehe)

Indah Mulya said...

it's a very nice piece indeed! totally love it! =]

one-na said...

wah .. talented nya adik :)
nice ..
mcm ni ..boleh lah ..masuk uitm ..
fakulti seni lukis seni reka .
ambil seni halus ...
bagus2 ... keep it up ..

anyway .. akak pun dari uitm .. art & design . tapi .. jurusan fotografi lah .. hehe

aida said...

gedik! i love this piece! serius sangat cantik. and by the way, hell, yours look sooooooooo much better than your inspiration. serius dowh. haih. kau ni doc ke artist ni?? hahaha. love it babe

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