Tuesday, 17 May 2011

damn stupid with the basis

i dun want say much but bit dissapointed with myself.. after i taught my sis to paint, it made me recalled my 'time' in primary.. secondary.. n even upper secondary (most memorable time) about studying basis of this stuff! so i tried to do one of the technique on how to make a tree! so, roll down n see..

step 1: apply basic colour (which mean the lightest)

step 2: apply 2 layer with a darker one ( just a BIT darker than the previous colour)

step 3: apply third tone (darker than the 2nd one)

step 4: (which i made mistake n i spoilt it) apply the darkest and make it really fine bunch of leaves (not like wut i did) T.T

lesson: i hate when it comes to basic.. i love applying.. =)

ok thats all! XD

colour i used

my colour's pallet


Anonymous said...

salam,jejln kt sini.

アヌム ちゃん said...

Salam. moshi2..jalan2 singgah sini kejap..nice blog :)
Sudi2 la baca my new entri @ frommetoyou ni ye..arigatou..(^____^)

'azlahmohdazhar said...

nak entri cara cara buat cake! haha

izzah jaffar said...

haha mmg nk wat.. wait n see XD

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