Thursday, 2 June 2011

chocolate chip muffins

ok, ok, ok! fine.. sorry for not updating about my 'plan' i planned before.. it is in progress n yeah i guess it will take longer time to make so.. we'll wait and see.. =D

by the way, today i made muffins.. n again im so sorry for not capturing photos of them step by step but here im gonna share something. XD

A YOUTUBE VIDEO!! haha im not a good teacher so its better to watch n listen rather than reading my craps lessons. =) so tis video helped me a lot..

u can follow her well.. trust me! i tried.. n here the outcomes! XD

this was when i finished the mixture n put them into paper cups for muffins which u can get them from any supermarket n u just have to fill in them about 2/3 of the cup.. BUT what i did was not 2/3.. some were 3/5 n some 1/2 n u can see the outcomes down ere.. hehe

make sure the oven is preheated before you put in those stuffs at 200 degree celcius for about 15 minutes.

here they are.. ngee~ yeah! some 'expanded' very nicely n some werent.. so, moral of the story, make sure it's 2/3 of the cup okay.. not 3/5 or 1/2.. =D and and and, it tasted a bit tasteless.. so next muffin, i will add more sugar.. =)

check whether they are fully baked or not.. if not, put them back into the oven.. maybe for about 5-10 minutes.. n repeat the 'toothpick test' again.. selamat mencuba! =D

next is making fondant cupcakes.. but now really crave for gelatin n glycine! I NEED THEM! badly, saujana utama has no good bakery stores.. i have to find them out! ok thanks for reading!

assalamualaikum! =)

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