Monday, 27 June 2011

another story of cupcakes.. XD

assalamualaikum n hi to everyone!
another story of cucpakes??
ok bosan. haha but..
im not going to mention/tell/state any ways of baking in this enrty
as i told it on n on previously,
n but the cupcakes shown below were SPONGE cake!
i desperately used sponge cake mixed which i bought it a month ago
it's BAGUS product thou.. so just add eggs and butter
n done! =D

n for toppings, again, i desperately used butter creamcake which is so unmatch! -.- 
(sponge match to fresh cream)
but as it was for in case of desperate, it didnt matter kan?
n yeah i did this just for the sake of my sis, aidah's birthday..
wanted her to bring them to school n give her friends..
just like masa lama2 dulu. ='D

so just scroll down.. n enjoy~ =D

pink base

purple 'flowers'

i dont have purple dies.. so i mixed red with blue dies

i added leaves.. to make them colourful.

n so, they're done! XD

p/s: Em still thinking bout my art wall for my bedroom..
i was thinkin to make it halfly on the ceiling n a bit down on the wall..
errr.. i dun think u get it but its ok.
later i'll post it..
but if insyaAllah.
ok! =D so thanks for visiting!
have a good day friends
assalamualaikum! XD


Anonymous said...


yanyan said...

hello hello. budak kt stable lapar cupcake. pls masak byk, hulur lahh weyh. c'mon. jgn kedekut sgt ogeyh ;p

ct said...

comey la cupcake niyh....

twistal said...

hang buat byk2 buat apa...
jgn kata smua tuh utk dimakan diri sendiri?

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