Sunday, 3 July 2011

this is why i love baking! XD

i love to bake
i love to draw
i love arts so much
so i apply them everywhere
even in baking
im not a creative person
but i love to try
so this entry wud be photos on how i decorate
chocolate moist + rich + yummy cupcakes
for my friends!
i always prefer cupcakes
as it wud be easy to be consumed
n it wudnt mess up!
btw, all of the cupcakes have been eaten by them already. =)
since i brought them to PD.. n we really had fun! =D

coloursssss really make my day. =)

i'll make this again in future..
especially to Azlah.. (she didnt make to PD), izzat (my dear)
n Amar (si kaki wayang) hehe okay..

when we were in PD.. 
(wish Azlah were there but xpe, next time sure ada okay!) ;D

k thanks for reading this short lil entry


zairullnizam said...

pergh, x sangka aku :P

nelly said...

nyum2 !!

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