Wednesday, 6 July 2011

how to decorate a cake

ok, this entry will be on how i decorate my strawberry chocolate moist cake i made just now.
first of all.. we need 


a strawberry fillings

(butter or fresh cream.. preferably fresh cream)

so cut the cake into two portions like i did in the photo below
put the top portion aside first..
we gonna layer it with the strawberry fillings, garnache n creams.

like this..

so i put the cream all around the edges of the cake to make sure the garnache wudnt drip out.

after put in all the ingredients. place the top portion of the cake back on its place

after that, coat the cake with creams n let it set in the refrigerator for an hour maybe..

after one hour, continue with the coating process.. add more cream till all parts of cake are covered.

design it with cake decorating tools..

 or u can try this one too..
make the skirting on the cakes. (i used chocolate rice)

and to make it more dramatic, pour the remaining garnaches (if it's thick, reheat it on the double boiler and add a lil bit more milk) so it will drip naturally on all over the cake. XD

 errr.. i think there was sumthing wrong with the technique of stirring the garnache. 
(ada bubbles pulak) haizz..

so that's it!
as easy as ABC.
i know it is damn simple n not so 'alluring'..
but like i said, u can make it as ur tea.

n maybe to impress ur boyfie n friends! ;D

p/s: i repeat, a try is a must! hahaks good luck!

thanks for reading.


silentswans said...

u got special talent here..shud ketengahkn ni..:D
all d bez wit life..

Anonymous said...

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