Wednesday, 13 July 2011

gallery of Wan Izzah's cakes.. haha XD

after i collected all the pics of the cakes i made, i was like WOW!! banyaknye! n wut crossed my mind was, did i eat tat much? haha

just scroll n see my so-called 'gallery' of cakes tat i made during my 2 months of holiday!!
(but got 3 or 4 pics r taken when i was on my last holiday in 2008 n one in 2009)

choc moist cake layered with strawberry fruit+strawberry fillings+garnache+strawberry cream

strawberry chocolate moist

choc sponge cakes for my kids in Qdees.. hehe (in 2008)

happy mother's day cake in 2008

butter cake

american choc cake

choc ball i made when i was working in bakery shop (2008)

choc moist cake

orange muffins

chocolate oranged muffins


choc cponge cupcakes for sis's classmates

happy father's cake
steamed choc cake

orange moist cake (my fav)

fondant choc cake

rainbow butter cupcakes

butter cupcakes

strawberry muffins

choc moist cupcakes for BFF

my first choc muffins

my first sponge cupcakes (2008)

my first FAILURE in baking cake.. sobs..

choc orange muffins

n a few more.. but i didnt take pics for tat.. myb due to 'bad-looking' n TERLUPA! haha k thanks for visiting.

assalamualaikum n bye2! =)


Djari Kreatif said...

walla...kalau idea nih mk jang create utk kraf cantek gak kn...tiba2 mk jang rs lapar la kakak...bake 1 cake for me pls... :D

izzah jaffar said...

hehe nnt dtg lah rumah raya nnt..

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