Thursday, 21 July 2011

cupcake decoration ideas

assalamualaikum n hi.
last weekend, i made cupcakes AGAIN!
i made them specially for my dearest friends n my sis, iffah (since she just went back from college)
n i really enjoyed making n DECORATING them!
so just scroll down.. n enjoy! =)

ill tell u the secret on making the garnache shine like that.

zig-zaged deco

i added another layer of zig-zag (strawberry filling)


wah.. i loved those colours.. but my friends didnt. hehe

plan view

roda2.. hehe

nothin much to say..
but yeah i missed baking so much.

eh, btw my 2nd year life, FOR NOW is quite ok.. great! but a lil bit boring but im trying my best to love all the subjects. =D
hopefully this year wud be much much better than the previous one.
pray for me n pray for all my friends okay! XD

as usual, tomorrow me goin back HOMEYY~
gonna have dinner for my parents anniversary. =)
errmmm ok bye, thanks for reading


GaNYu said...

yg kosong 2 nmpak lg best..hihi

izzah jaffar said...

hahaha aku ske 'mewarna' ok! x kire!

twistal said...

setiap kali buat, send la satu kat UM... hahaha

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