Tuesday, 26 July 2011

tips 1: how to make garnache looks shiny

hey, hey, hey!
who loves chocolate??
who loves melted chocolate??
who loves strawberries dipped in melted chocolate??
oh no, everyone loves it!! hehe
ok first of all..
i wud like to 'announce' tat im going to share any tips of baking, drawing or what so ever i noe in this blog. =)

like i mentioned before, i love baking not because i love cakes.
i really enjoy the 'PROCESS' of making it..
n most exciting part surely the DECORATION sections.. ngee~
i learnt a lot of tips from youtube, magazine, my former boss, n of course from my other beloved bloggers!

we gonna start with a very basic n simple thing which is, how to make garnache n how to make it more 'radiant'?? ^^

shiny enough huh?? XD

some people prefer demonstration rather than read 'manual' isnt it?
so here's a video on how to make garnache

  1. Combine chocolate and evaporated milk/whipping cream in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Stir with a metal spoon until smooth. Remove bowl from heat.
  2. Set aside at room temperature to cool, stirring occasionally, until ganache is thick and spreadable.

hah, this part gonna be interesting!
we need bee's honey!
TO MAKE IT SHINY.. (p/s: this is real)

just add a tablespoon while stirring the garnache (when it's still hot)

u can 'manipulate' the amount of milk u wanna use.. depends on the usage. for cookies, just add a little, to make topping like i did below ere, add more milk.

1) MISTAKE.. i added lil milk.. huhu n i did not add honey nor butter (butter also improve it taste n the structure).. see, it looked dull kan?

2) COMPARE.. i added more milk n i added honey to make it BLINGSS~~~ XD

n this picture was when the cake in PHOTO (1) taken out from the refrigerator.

n this was the cake in PHOTO (2) taken out from the freezer after 2 hrs, (the garnache didnt change in structure nor the colour.. n thus, look damn delicate! ;D )

BUT, both of them tasted nice.. it was just the appearance.. n yeah people do say that dont judge a book by its cover but i guess most people STILL judge 'smthing' by its 'appearance' even they said they dont. hehe 
(no offence)

ok thanks for reading.. i was just bored n came back from jogging.. writing this sum sort like cooling down activity.. XD

bye, assalamualaikum.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

cupcake decoration ideas

assalamualaikum n hi.
last weekend, i made cupcakes AGAIN!
i made them specially for my dearest friends n my sis, iffah (since she just went back from college)
n i really enjoyed making n DECORATING them!
so just scroll down.. n enjoy! =)

ill tell u the secret on making the garnache shine like that.

zig-zaged deco

i added another layer of zig-zag (strawberry filling)


wah.. i loved those colours.. but my friends didnt. hehe

plan view

roda2.. hehe

nothin much to say..
but yeah i missed baking so much.

eh, btw my 2nd year life, FOR NOW is quite ok.. great! but a lil bit boring but im trying my best to love all the subjects. =D
hopefully this year wud be much much better than the previous one.
pray for me n pray for all my friends okay! XD

as usual, tomorrow me goin back HOMEYY~
gonna have dinner for my parents anniversary. =)
errmmm ok bye, thanks for reading

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

gallery of Wan Izzah's cakes.. haha XD

after i collected all the pics of the cakes i made, i was like WOW!! banyaknye! n wut crossed my mind was, did i eat tat much? haha

just scroll n see my so-called 'gallery' of cakes tat i made during my 2 months of holiday!!
(but got 3 or 4 pics r taken when i was on my last holiday in 2008 n one in 2009)

choc moist cake layered with strawberry fruit+strawberry fillings+garnache+strawberry cream

strawberry chocolate moist

choc sponge cakes for my kids in Qdees.. hehe (in 2008)

happy mother's day cake in 2008

butter cake

american choc cake

choc ball i made when i was working in bakery shop (2008)

choc moist cake

orange muffins

chocolate oranged muffins


choc cponge cupcakes for sis's classmates

happy father's cake
steamed choc cake

orange moist cake (my fav)

fondant choc cake

rainbow butter cupcakes

butter cupcakes

strawberry muffins

choc moist cupcakes for BFF

my first choc muffins

my first sponge cupcakes (2008)

my first FAILURE in baking cake.. sobs..

choc orange muffins

n a few more.. but i didnt take pics for tat.. myb due to 'bad-looking' n TERLUPA! haha k thanks for visiting.

assalamualaikum n bye2! =)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

abstract painting #2

hi, assalamualaikum people!
today im not in the good of health.. huk2.
i stayed in my room for the whole day.
rest.. n went out dining to eat n watched tv
n then to my room again..
i dun feel comfortable with my throat..
n i can feel me warm..
n sometimes dizzy..
n feeling like sleeping 24/7
i think these are symptoms when i have to go back to college this sunday..
enrolling 2nd year..
but yeah.. im excited! but..
sumkind like not willingly to let go my holiday.. sobs ='( ok gedik

BUT i did something!!
one more painting!! XD

so just scroll down to see what i did..

i prepared 4 sheets of 200gsm drawing blocks n combined them together.

i DID NOT sketch with pencil this time.. directly put on my brush on the block.

actually i didnt know what was i doing.. seriously!

continue 'playing' with the brush.. n some how i did sketch with the brush.. not pencil

finished colouring the base.

after i let the base dried, i started to sketch the twigs.

shaded the twigs.

shaded them darker

i touched up a lil bit.

after the tree dried, i added flowers.. directly too.. (didnt sketch.. jimat masa) hehe

more more more sakura flowers.. ngee.. XD

closed up


then i painted the borders.. as i dun have any idea for its frame.

for its pad, i cut polisterine just d exact size as the painting.

tadaa! i hang it on the wall of my brother's (wan asyraf) bedroom

do comment ya! =)

p/s: oh please Allah, let me as healthy as wan izzah's before.. hehe
oh pening.
ok bye!
assalamualaikum. =)

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