Thursday, 31 October 2013

Saturday, 26 October 2013

kit kat m&m chocolate moist cake #2

salam.. hello.
im selling cakes. just started actually.
these cakes are offered at very2 cheap price. (u can compare to others)
orders can be made anytime. but picking the cakes up can only be done on weekends.
*no delivery services. so cakes are available to those who stay in Sg Buloh, or UM. or any place nearby.
2 Cupcakes: RM6
5 Cupcakes: RM12
6" Whole Cake: RM38
9.5" Whole Cake: RM70

for small 6'' cake, i layered it to two.. with chocolate garnache.

example of 9 1/2'' whole cake.

6" whole cake.



tq. =)

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