Saturday, 23 April 2011

your eyes.. your eyes.. XD

yeah i shud not post anything.. (sepatutnya) bcs it's about 9 more days to FINAL! oh no, i dun think im ready yet.. =( but yeah, like wut i always keep remind myself, if u want MORE holidays, PASS the exam! jia you!! XD oh, tis post is actually nothin much.. i just wanna share this video.. on how to draw eyes.. i think i wanna do tis but drawing potret or people's face arent really my interest so let put tat 'plan' aside.. coz i have planned a "big" project after the exam! wanna noe?? i wont tell u.. till i make it! =P but yes, it is SERIOUSLY a BIG project! n i cant wait for it! XD have a nice day peeps..

Friday, 15 April 2011

my other passions..

these are so obvious.. i heart drawing n painting damnly hard but i do have other obsessions which are not really 'geng' but yeah, i love it.. first, is 'painting' people.. hehe no, it's making up girl's faces.. i can do light make up, exotic look and weird thou.. XD but this is just for fun!
other than that, i always offer myself or more exact word is 'chosen' by teachers or sape2 to design costumes and all sorts.. but unfortunately, i keep only this pictures and others are in my computer.. not this lappy.. n for being frank, i did dream to be a fashion designer.. haha =P other than this robot costume, i did a lot of other costumes like bunga matahari, clothes made up by plastics (ala masa zaman2 sekolah selalu ada tu) and costume for rumah sukan's mascot! XD

n last but not least.. decorating my bilik!! yeay! i cant wait for final exams to end.. i gat a lot of plans-to-do.. haha

and.. and.. and.. my fav people.. HANA TAJIMA.. she's damn adorable.. <3
thank u for reading these craps.. btw, wait for my upcoming arts to be shown ere.. (AFTER MY FINAL EXAMS) hehe okie tata n have a nice day!

Thursday, 14 April 2011


oh hye peeps! i am actually in my study mood.. its gonna be tough and spiritual weeks to be going thru.. =P n yeah i just came from my house and now, me at college!! XD

nothing much.. im not going to post any of my arts for these 3 weeks.. like i said, my final exams r just around the corner n yeah, stress is my best friend now.. haha kiddin!

while studying today.. i mean, just now, my mind was a bit distracted by someone.. someone who i missed a lot.. (cannot tell u larr.. secreto de amor!) =P suddenly i felt like drawing.. but i noe, i would take long time to do that so i just sketched it.. i planned to do it seriously do it right after my final! (OMG, i cant wait for that time!).. this was what i sketched and i would dedicate this for him.. but after i make it okie!

i will name this drawin (after i make it)- ''jar of heart''.. ngee~

Friday, 8 April 2011

hey.. hey apple! XD

Just Go With It! XD

it's already 3 am n im still ere.. do nothing which i suppose to study since my coming exam is really soon! but its okay! i feel like writing about EXPRESSING YOURSELF! i dont know why i love that words maybe it's just because i believe in the power of ARTS?? yes! it's true! whenever u feel like angry, happy or even sad, people can still know it even u dont speak a word.. those feelings can be shown thru your face expression.. ur gestures n even thru ur eyes.. ngee~ oh by the way, back to my topic there, JUST GO WITH IT! it is not the movie we're going to talk about but it is about ur confidence n interest! have u ever feel unsatisfied with the goods u bought? u dreamt of somethings that's so hard to be found? n u will end up by wasting a lot of money buying things that arent WHAT U REALLY WANT!
ok, this time i wanna share something, ''i always get what i want and it really gives me satisfaction!''.. haha means, if u want something, JUST DO IT! dont need to wait till it comes to u or... or.. forget bout it! i love to do this since i was in primary school.. make my own frame!

previously, i told that i always n love to appreciate my things (artworks) by framing them so that people wont steal it! hehe no.. so that u can feel like... happy by seeing them! XD
this is one of my favourite frame n a VERY SIMPLE frame.. i half-burnt its border inside and outside.. just to make it looks ancient n unique.. =D
yeah, PINK! actually pink isnt my favourite colour.. but................. let it be a secret saje lah.. =P
see, this frame, i used only wasted manilla cards, a wasted fancy card (the black colour).. i cut them into various shapes n sizes n just PUT them (follow ur taste) =P
this is one of the CHEAPEST frame i ever had.. i mean DID.. try it!
i made TWO of them so i can arrage them like u see in the picture.. BALANCE.
oh this one was when the process of 'sticking' them onto the wall.. that time my wall was still 'clean'.. hehe

and seriously, there's nothing to be taught for frame because the steps are so easy.. u can learn it by just looking at my photo or even any other photos.. all the best!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

hand painted

hi! dunno why today so free to write.. =)
now we move a bit advance, to the WALL PAINTING!
it was seriously fun!
it was my first n i promise to do the second paint very soon!
it happen when i was on holiday n it was a boring day..
then i walked (i meant, drove) to a nearby DIY shop to buy a small tin of wall paint!

then, sketch roughly on the wall.. nampak tak pensil saye guna tu?? that was the sketch and if possible, dun hold the pencil too hard.. lek2 suda... XD

lepas tu, dengan confidentnye sye, apply lar paint tu on my room wall.. without my mom's permission pun, but tats alright coz my mom is already well known bout my hobby nie.. =P

so tu jelah ceritenye.. nothin' much coz arts happen in relax mood.. and come without forces.. they can be anything.. not only arts on white drawing block, but anything! even singing, dancing, and poem.. as long as it gives u 'life'.. XD but MY word, it EXPRESSes urself.. =)

All colours will agree in the dark.

all colours will agree in the dark?? wut does it means?? btw, in my understanding, all colour for example green, red, orange, yellow, blue n etc if we mixed them together, they will = black. but how about this?
haha ok forget about it.. for this painting, i used a cheap water colour which i stole it from my sister's room! ahaha it was just i felt like wanted to do a primary-school painting but in elegant look! so started with a lil n rough sketch.. n basic colours..
and then, shade its petals one by one.. (i used pencil colour like usual) =P but for better effect, shade by using darker water colour first and pencil colour use is for the 'touch-up' ONLY.
selepas berpuas hati dengan lukisan saya yang buruk ni, i was thinking ''what else can be added ere eh?'' because it looked dull n pale, then i took my brush n finally used the power of WHITE colour!
white colour: use to exaggerate something instead of make it look 'bling-bling' XD
after that, i still x satisfied with my work and i was like, OMG, what's wrong with my painting?? what else i can do? but thought of making it elegant n unique, my 7-years-old's fav game PUZZLE came cross my mind.. so i conteng saje! XD
as usual, to APPRECIATE ur arts, frame it! n because of i was n i AM kedekut, so i did the frame on my own.. cheap n menepati cita rasa..
so, there it is! XD

Saturday, 2 April 2011

“Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will.”

saje-saje je.. i dun have any description for this drawing.. since it was done loooonggg time ago, i guess around 2007 or 2008, so i did not take photo of this drawing step-by-step.. but just to give inspiration.. =)

mesti tanye, kenape rama-rama lg?? XD this was for the sake of practising how to use the pencil colour in a correct way.. (gune kaler pun ada cara ke?) ye.. sudah tentu ada! XD if i have the opportunity to write about it, ill do it..

“Often while reading a book one feels that the author would have preferred to paint rather than write; one can sense the pleasure he derives from describing a landscape or a person, as if he were painting what he is saying, because deep in his heart he would have preferred to use brushes and colors.”

Colour and I are one. I am a painter.

haha poyo tak tajuk but that's true.. i can feel colours in me.. colours some what 'expressed' myself on every each of my days.. ok, i planned to make the basic sketch but after i though back, im not interested to talk about it.. i mean, the sketch.. im interested in COLOURSSS.. =) ok peeps,

first of all, we must have drawing blockSS.. brusheSS.. pallet for water colours.. oh ya, water colour, a jar of plain water.. XD n pencil colour.. for a more neat work, prepare a 'kain buruk' or 'good morning' towel or anythng tat u dun mind to make it dirty, and an old news paper.. =)

then, any art or drawing, begin with sketch.. or 'melakar' or 'lakaran'..

oppss,, itu bukan sketch ok, i mean, sketching is just by pencil.. no colours at all.. but tat one was too gelojoh.. >.< (actually i didnt captured photo for tat part) ngee~ then, start colour with basic n light colours.. (example: like the colour of leaves i did, at ur right hand side in the picture above)

next after i applied basic n light colour, i started to make the leaves 'alive' or to make it look real, i shaded with a darker colour.. in this case, i used darker green.. n its getting darker at the bottom of the leaves.. (try to imagine if u put a torch light above the leaves)

ok, since i never touched on that lil (its actually big) butterfly, ill talk about it. this drawing was so special because i did it by two kind of mediums.. which were the water colour and pencil colour. (macam budak2) XD.. but trust me, pencil colour really help u to the max effect or shading n its colour are so wonderful to b appreciated.. =P in easy words, it gives u SATISFACTION! XD so, i used pencil colour (totally) on that butter fly n the flowers.. a bit on the leaves as i said, it helped a lot in shading process! =)

oh no, done already?? so fast meh? again, i didnt captured few steps before it almost done.. by the way, for the background, i totally used water colour as it is easy to control and apply on the drawing block.. it gives u natural effect on the nature background u create or imagine or the 'real' nature u want! remember, ur high imagination is needed to draw the background, river and the land.. so, as the mountain or hills are so far from this angle, u do not have to emphasize on how it looks or the shape.. just put colour mengikut cita rasa dan gerak hati (instinct) anda ye! conteng saje.. XD.. n for the clouds, the same thing too.. first apply white colour with more water.. n dun let it dry because u have to directly apply blue on it..  n make it blends like clouds..
so thats it!

put it in a frame to make it nicer.. or in MY word, to 'appreciate' ur hand work.. =)

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