Friday, 15 April 2011

my other passions..

these are so obvious.. i heart drawing n painting damnly hard but i do have other obsessions which are not really 'geng' but yeah, i love it.. first, is 'painting' people.. hehe no, it's making up girl's faces.. i can do light make up, exotic look and weird thou.. XD but this is just for fun!
other than that, i always offer myself or more exact word is 'chosen' by teachers or sape2 to design costumes and all sorts.. but unfortunately, i keep only this pictures and others are in my computer.. not this lappy.. n for being frank, i did dream to be a fashion designer.. haha =P other than this robot costume, i did a lot of other costumes like bunga matahari, clothes made up by plastics (ala masa zaman2 sekolah selalu ada tu) and costume for rumah sukan's mascot! XD

n last but not least.. decorating my bilik!! yeay! i cant wait for final exams to end.. i gat a lot of plans-to-do.. haha

and.. and.. and.. my fav people.. HANA TAJIMA.. she's damn adorable.. <3
thank u for reading these craps.. btw, wait for my upcoming arts to be shown ere.. (AFTER MY FINAL EXAMS) hehe okie tata n have a nice day!

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Irwan Mohamad said...

Seems like you got a busy mind :) are looking for people like you...

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