Sunday, 3 April 2011

hand painted

hi! dunno why today so free to write.. =)
now we move a bit advance, to the WALL PAINTING!
it was seriously fun!
it was my first n i promise to do the second paint very soon!
it happen when i was on holiday n it was a boring day..
then i walked (i meant, drove) to a nearby DIY shop to buy a small tin of wall paint!

then, sketch roughly on the wall.. nampak tak pensil saye guna tu?? that was the sketch and if possible, dun hold the pencil too hard.. lek2 suda... XD

lepas tu, dengan confidentnye sye, apply lar paint tu on my room wall.. without my mom's permission pun, but tats alright coz my mom is already well known bout my hobby nie.. =P

so tu jelah ceritenye.. nothin' much coz arts happen in relax mood.. and come without forces.. they can be anything.. not only arts on white drawing block, but anything! even singing, dancing, and poem.. as long as it gives u 'life'.. XD but MY word, it EXPRESSes urself.. =)


Anonymous said...

napew x buat kat suma? mmg buat bahagian tu je ea?

miss venz said...

yeah... kalu buat semua dah x jd seni.. hehe
nnt nk buat bende lain pulak.. kat part lain.. XD

farhana fadzil said...

hand painted?? wow!

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