Saturday, 2 April 2011

Colour and I are one. I am a painter.

haha poyo tak tajuk but that's true.. i can feel colours in me.. colours some what 'expressed' myself on every each of my days.. ok, i planned to make the basic sketch but after i though back, im not interested to talk about it.. i mean, the sketch.. im interested in COLOURSSS.. =) ok peeps,

first of all, we must have drawing blockSS.. brusheSS.. pallet for water colours.. oh ya, water colour, a jar of plain water.. XD n pencil colour.. for a more neat work, prepare a 'kain buruk' or 'good morning' towel or anythng tat u dun mind to make it dirty, and an old news paper.. =)

then, any art or drawing, begin with sketch.. or 'melakar' or 'lakaran'..

oppss,, itu bukan sketch ok, i mean, sketching is just by pencil.. no colours at all.. but tat one was too gelojoh.. >.< (actually i didnt captured photo for tat part) ngee~ then, start colour with basic n light colours.. (example: like the colour of leaves i did, at ur right hand side in the picture above)

next after i applied basic n light colour, i started to make the leaves 'alive' or to make it look real, i shaded with a darker colour.. in this case, i used darker green.. n its getting darker at the bottom of the leaves.. (try to imagine if u put a torch light above the leaves)

ok, since i never touched on that lil (its actually big) butterfly, ill talk about it. this drawing was so special because i did it by two kind of mediums.. which were the water colour and pencil colour. (macam budak2) XD.. but trust me, pencil colour really help u to the max effect or shading n its colour are so wonderful to b appreciated.. =P in easy words, it gives u SATISFACTION! XD so, i used pencil colour (totally) on that butter fly n the flowers.. a bit on the leaves as i said, it helped a lot in shading process! =)

oh no, done already?? so fast meh? again, i didnt captured few steps before it almost done.. by the way, for the background, i totally used water colour as it is easy to control and apply on the drawing block.. it gives u natural effect on the nature background u create or imagine or the 'real' nature u want! remember, ur high imagination is needed to draw the background, river and the land.. so, as the mountain or hills are so far from this angle, u do not have to emphasize on how it looks or the shape.. just put colour mengikut cita rasa dan gerak hati (instinct) anda ye! conteng saje.. XD.. n for the clouds, the same thing too.. first apply white colour with more water.. n dun let it dry because u have to directly apply blue on it..  n make it blends like clouds..
so thats it!

put it in a frame to make it nicer.. or in MY word, to 'appreciate' ur hand work.. =)

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akilla said...

So nice ! Can teach me ? hehehe :D

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