Friday, 8 April 2011

Just Go With It! XD

it's already 3 am n im still ere.. do nothing which i suppose to study since my coming exam is really soon! but its okay! i feel like writing about EXPRESSING YOURSELF! i dont know why i love that words maybe it's just because i believe in the power of ARTS?? yes! it's true! whenever u feel like angry, happy or even sad, people can still know it even u dont speak a word.. those feelings can be shown thru your face expression.. ur gestures n even thru ur eyes.. ngee~ oh by the way, back to my topic there, JUST GO WITH IT! it is not the movie we're going to talk about but it is about ur confidence n interest! have u ever feel unsatisfied with the goods u bought? u dreamt of somethings that's so hard to be found? n u will end up by wasting a lot of money buying things that arent WHAT U REALLY WANT!
ok, this time i wanna share something, ''i always get what i want and it really gives me satisfaction!''.. haha means, if u want something, JUST DO IT! dont need to wait till it comes to u or... or.. forget bout it! i love to do this since i was in primary school.. make my own frame!

previously, i told that i always n love to appreciate my things (artworks) by framing them so that people wont steal it! hehe no.. so that u can feel like... happy by seeing them! XD
this is one of my favourite frame n a VERY SIMPLE frame.. i half-burnt its border inside and outside.. just to make it looks ancient n unique.. =D
yeah, PINK! actually pink isnt my favourite colour.. but................. let it be a secret saje lah.. =P
see, this frame, i used only wasted manilla cards, a wasted fancy card (the black colour).. i cut them into various shapes n sizes n just PUT them (follow ur taste) =P
this is one of the CHEAPEST frame i ever had.. i mean DID.. try it!
i made TWO of them so i can arrage them like u see in the picture.. BALANCE.
oh this one was when the process of 'sticking' them onto the wall.. that time my wall was still 'clean'.. hehe

and seriously, there's nothing to be taught for frame because the steps are so easy.. u can learn it by just looking at my photo or even any other photos.. all the best!


Syza M. said...

hey izah, it's me syza msarah kwn jodin :)
i like ur piece of work, nice! i would like to share you this link, i suka tgk hasil kraftangan dia ;) try tgk2. best =D

miss venz said...

yeah... i noe.. btw, kawan je ke?? ngee~
oh tat page later i usha..
btw, y u deleted ur acc on fb?

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