Friday, 30 September 2011


Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing. 
(Elie Wiesel)

SO, What is it that makes for a strong and deep friendship? And what does it take to maintain and grow such a friendship? i've saved this post for months but now only i got the chance to continue writing bout it.. lol
it's gonna be absolutely from my own point of view..

FIRST, it needs LOVE.. love your friends.. love her behaviours, her hobbies, the way she speaks and LOVE HER WEAKNESSES.. no one in this world is perfect! Friendship is when people know all about u but LIKE u anyway.. ;)

TWO, is COMMUNICATIONSocial networking sites like TWITTER or Facebook make this easy to do by encouraging you to write a message on your friend's wall. Keep in touch by calling or texting make TWO HEARTS closer dont u think? Through communication somehow makes u get to know ur friends better.. in n out.

THIRD is SHARING.. ''sharing and caring'' is one the commonest words we heard about friendship kan? Sharing doesnt mean u give everything u have.. money, food or what sorts.. but it's more to sentimental values like sharing FUN & GRIEF.. Everyone has friends that go through tough times. When they go through these times, we want to be there for them.. n they surely need you too..

NEXT, FORGIVENESS is needed in a friendship (or even in other relationships).. to handle urself, use ur head.. to handle others, use ur heart.. ANGER is only one letter short of danger. Every friend you'll ever have will eventually disappoint you. Count on it. That doesn't mean that every offense of a friend requires forgiveness.. Some slights need only be overlooked and forgotten. Like seriously, forgive and forgive. =)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, LAUGHTER. Friendships start by two people finding something in common. And laughter, I believe, is the easiest thing two people can share.

Friendships can grow with laughter. It is can forge a deep connection. Camaraderie. Loyalty.

there are also a lot of other elements in friendship that make the 'bond' stronger.. like HONESTY, LOYALTY, ACCOUNTABILITY and DEDICATION.. i admit, me too facing this kinda ''friends come and go'' situation maybe due to a life which is always changing and we grow up.. in new places, meet new people, new environments.. but somewhat, i believe a TRUE FRIEND of mine will never leave me.. and always be there for me.. n i'll try my best to be 'someone who deserve you'..

KK.. <3

friends.. you brought another friend, n i brought mine, n then there were four, five n even SIX, we started OUR group, OUR circle of friends.. and like that circle, there is no BEGINNING or END.. 

yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a GIFT n tats y it's called as PRESENT!

how i love all my dearest 'stoolerz'.. <3 ya all!

my 'kucing merajuk' yang comel..

my gedikz friends fiza, azlah, pyqa, izzah, melin.. and i love them MUCH3x!!!

my pasum's besties.. fiza n keanisannnn~ XD

best hang outs!!!
ogy mogy and the coacroaches.. hehe kak zar, hawa a.k.a cirit,, n kak mun!

my dearest besties.. i missed u guys damn much! T.T

my so-called twin.. ody moddy.. i missed u more dear! bile nk hang out nie?

my 'family' when i was in samura..

my crazayyyyzzz jayarianz!

ngeeee~ last but not least, appreciate your friends. have a nice day!
 before i stop typing, i wud like to share a song tat is so meaningful (n sweet) especially to my friends out there! XD

thanks for reading n have a nice day peeps!
akhir kata,

assalamualaikum.. =)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

hand-made crown

tadda! refer to previous entry, i've mentioned about the dinner we organised at Rebung, Damansara..
now im going to show you how i made crowns by myself..
basically i prepared the stuffs shown below..

i bought a coil of wire (dawai) for ONLY RM1! n then, one packet fine wire for RM1.40, diamond beads, accessories n cutter. and also UHU glue! (but i didnt use it) -.- i tout i cud use it.

so basically, i made the crown base first.. i refer to the shape of my headband. i got inspiration n idea from it thou.. tis time no youtube, no copycat, no plagarism.. it's definitely my own idea.. haha but i x pernah tiru pun before nie.. -.-

i shaped the wire into loop like i did in the photo.. actually i was playing around wit the wire.. made lots of shapes, tried n error.. n finally i got the idea.. lol

it's a rough idea.. very basic, simple, and takde hala tuju lagi.. i didnt even know wut i was doing.. -.-

after shaping the frame of the crown, i arranged the beads on the fine wire n tied it on the frame.. 

basic beads arrangement.

again, i used the fine wire to tied the 'chained-beads' on the crown frame.. basically it's the only way i found it attached to the frame efficiently.. (tats y i mentioned i didnt use the UHU glue as i tried n it cudnt stick at all!)

done with the frame.

added some more accessories at the centre to make it more attractive.

used another chain-bead to some what 'wrap' the flaws on the crown base.
n finally it became like this.. (arrow in the photo below)

all right! done wit the puteri betung now move on to putera's crown.. same thing, i made the base, then the frame..

i added the beads.. 
( i used the same kind of beads as it wud be pairing wit the queen crown) lol

this was the hardest part.. nope, not hard but troublesome me! can u imagine i had to some kind like stitch or sew the chained-beads on the frame with FINE WIRE??? see the shape of frame! damn! haha it was fun but it injured my lil stubby thumbs.. huhu

last step, cover the base + cover the flaws.. (as it was my first time, so it wast that neat)

so taddaaa!! XD for puteri betung..

n putera rebung.

n thank God.. my crowns are now wit my dearest friends, topeq and fiza.. they deserved it! congratulation buddies! i noe u guys wud take good care of them n appreciate them. LOL (ok mcm anak pulak)

prince rebung & queen betung

me n my beautiful friends.. =) luv ya all~

btw, thanks for reading, n assalamualaikum. =)

sash for Putera Rebung & Puteri Betung

OMG it has been long time i didnt update my blog.. 
nahhh it's actually i've been damn occupied with classes, labs n those stuffs (raya stuffs maybe? lol)..
n today, such a refief, we finally made our last project as our contribution towards PSIPUM, a society specifically for medic students in UM.. it's a dinner at REBUNG.. a fantastic restaurant owned by a chef, Chef Ismail.. he's a great guy n one of the top chefs in Malaysia too.. =)

im one the MT (majlis tertinggi) for psipum n such a great feeling i did do 'something' for this society..
we planned for it (the dinner) months ago n i did jhelp the master of ceremony (biro protocol) n held the grand part which is the 'prom queen & king' awards! lol ok fine it's the best dresses award. =P

i made crowns and sash for them.
first of all i wud like to u how i made these simple sashs... then followed by the crowns (in the next entry)

print the wordings- eg: PUTERA REBUNG, QUEEN n bla2..

cut the words out.. (for the purpose of easy colouring)

like this okay.. then,

prepare colours.. myb water colours, marker pen n gold dust maybe? (depends on your creativity)
n then, put the paper on top the sash (i used satin).. but damn, satin's hard to be handled. -.-
please guna kain lain.

start colouring! XD

i added two colours just to make it 'less boring'.

after finish the colouring part, take the paper out n it wud be like this. (but technically, i did it quite grimy)

touch up wud make it 'less dirty' n here they are! =)
simple rite? now lets see how i made my very first crown.. XD

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