Sunday, 18 September 2011

sash for Putera Rebung & Puteri Betung

OMG it has been long time i didnt update my blog.. 
nahhh it's actually i've been damn occupied with classes, labs n those stuffs (raya stuffs maybe? lol)..
n today, such a refief, we finally made our last project as our contribution towards PSIPUM, a society specifically for medic students in UM.. it's a dinner at REBUNG.. a fantastic restaurant owned by a chef, Chef Ismail.. he's a great guy n one of the top chefs in Malaysia too.. =)

im one the MT (majlis tertinggi) for psipum n such a great feeling i did do 'something' for this society..
we planned for it (the dinner) months ago n i did jhelp the master of ceremony (biro protocol) n held the grand part which is the 'prom queen & king' awards! lol ok fine it's the best dresses award. =P

i made crowns and sash for them.
first of all i wud like to u how i made these simple sashs... then followed by the crowns (in the next entry)

print the wordings- eg: PUTERA REBUNG, QUEEN n bla2..

cut the words out.. (for the purpose of easy colouring)

like this okay.. then,

prepare colours.. myb water colours, marker pen n gold dust maybe? (depends on your creativity)
n then, put the paper on top the sash (i used satin).. but damn, satin's hard to be handled. -.-
please guna kain lain.

start colouring! XD

i added two colours just to make it 'less boring'.

after finish the colouring part, take the paper out n it wud be like this. (but technically, i did it quite grimy)

touch up wud make it 'less dirty' n here they are! =)
simple rite? now lets see how i made my very first crown.. XD

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