Sunday, 3 April 2011

All colours will agree in the dark.

all colours will agree in the dark?? wut does it means?? btw, in my understanding, all colour for example green, red, orange, yellow, blue n etc if we mixed them together, they will = black. but how about this?
haha ok forget about it.. for this painting, i used a cheap water colour which i stole it from my sister's room! ahaha it was just i felt like wanted to do a primary-school painting but in elegant look! so started with a lil n rough sketch.. n basic colours..
and then, shade its petals one by one.. (i used pencil colour like usual) =P but for better effect, shade by using darker water colour first and pencil colour use is for the 'touch-up' ONLY.
selepas berpuas hati dengan lukisan saya yang buruk ni, i was thinking ''what else can be added ere eh?'' because it looked dull n pale, then i took my brush n finally used the power of WHITE colour!
white colour: use to exaggerate something instead of make it look 'bling-bling' XD
after that, i still x satisfied with my work and i was like, OMG, what's wrong with my painting?? what else i can do? but thought of making it elegant n unique, my 7-years-old's fav game PUZZLE came cross my mind.. so i conteng saje! XD
as usual, to APPRECIATE ur arts, frame it! n because of i was n i AM kedekut, so i did the frame on my own.. cheap n menepati cita rasa..
so, there it is! XD


Anonymous said...

cantiknye izah lukis, pas ni bole tlong lukiskan kat bilik akak =)

mohamah zul aizad said...

Uish......dasat gak ko ek,berbakat tol....good job!!~...

Syuhada said...

you're really good on shading yeah. hari2 la visit blog akak, coz i love arts too :)

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