Thursday, 14 April 2011


oh hye peeps! i am actually in my study mood.. its gonna be tough and spiritual weeks to be going thru.. =P n yeah i just came from my house and now, me at college!! XD

nothing much.. im not going to post any of my arts for these 3 weeks.. like i said, my final exams r just around the corner n yeah, stress is my best friend now.. haha kiddin!

while studying today.. i mean, just now, my mind was a bit distracted by someone.. someone who i missed a lot.. (cannot tell u larr.. secreto de amor!) =P suddenly i felt like drawing.. but i noe, i would take long time to do that so i just sketched it.. i planned to do it seriously do it right after my final! (OMG, i cant wait for that time!).. this was what i sketched and i would dedicate this for him.. but after i make it okie!

i will name this drawin (after i make it)- ''jar of heart''.. ngee~

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