Tuesday, 29 May 2012

wall art 3: egg cartons art

Hello n assalamualaikum~
it has been ages me no update.
but now, im able to as im freee~ free from exam of course. ;)
oh before that, this idea was actually initiated by my mom.
she's the one who asked any of us (her 5 lazy bum children for sure) to make sound proof in our karaoke room.
since we have neighbours and of course for the whole family members to not being distracted by the sound that will blast our head off~ hehe

So finally i offered myself to do this thingy. (being 'asked' actually) XD
Mom kept these egg cartons like years and still keeping. im not sure but when she brought out all the cartons, i was like wow.. cant imagine how many eggs we have eaten.. XD

so basically this is how i started..

my brother helped me.. of course the spray thingy, i wont do alone! after we sprayed like almost 100 pieces of trays, i could feel my hand muscles cramp. it's hurt.. till now.. T.T

the aerosol paints we used. 2 colours. petronas colour and i dont know the other one. yellowish green?

in the progress. 
i used studio's concept in making this stuff.

i should make another light green line below right?
but never mind, this is how art goes.. hehe
mistakes and flaws are arts. =)

Experts say egg cartons are not very good as sound proofing devices but this is still one of the most common ways to reuse them. It might not work so well but admit it looks pretty cool huh? =)

we havent tried how effective it is but i guess, it will at least reduce the loudness and the freaking noise made by my brother and his friends especially! lol
would it be nice if the piano's moved here too?.. but this room is not big enough for everything.

acap did this. i tak tahu. =P hehe

ok.. the other half of that room will be covered by these trays too but we're insufficient of it already..
it's either we go ask or buy from kedai mamak, wait till any of close friends do any kenduri or we collect n keep the cartons again.. but it sure takes like forever again. haish.

it's okay. will update the finishing part of it.. very soon hopefully. ;D

now, enjoy some of egg cartons arts i found in google image.

lighting sets. cool.

ok fine.. those are amazing! im not creative to do just like they did.
they are awesome!

okay, till here.
will update more.
so, later~ =)
and have a great day!

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