Sunday, 25 December 2011

kek batik for your friends.

hey people.. =)
today is sunday..
a day full of relaxness..
a day of fun..
and a day you shud spend with ur family members..
i really love the feeling when im home.
dont mind if i just sit without do anything
i just love the feelings being here.. =')

oh talking about my sunday,
i just did kek batik (Batik Cake) or also known as Marie Fudge Cake.
After consulting numerous recipes from the net, all the recipes for Batik Cake seemed to be slightly different from each other in terms of ingredients, some even got fried peanuts that has been ground, or NestlĂ©’s Nestum! But the technique was the same for most of the recipes, to cook the mixture on the stove top until it thickened into a custard n bla bla bla..

So with the knowledge of the most commonly found ingredients in various recipes needed to make this cake, i concorted my own basic recipe, and made it like i was making a chocolate topping.. or cream? -.-
never mind.

u just need,
1 packet (350g) marie biscuits
Half the 250g butter (125g)
2 eggs
1 cup cocoa powder (125g)
1 / 2 cup milo (60-70g)
1 cup water (250ml)
3 / 4 cup sugar (185g)
* You may adjust the amount of milo and cocoa powder to your taste, for example 1/2 cup milo and 1/2 cup cocoa powder.

making this cake is just as simple as ABC.
trust me! =)
so first n foremost,
mix all the COCOA POWDER, MILO, WATER, & SUGAR in a saucepan. n place them under moderate heat n cook!

stirring all the time with a whisk or a spoon, until you feel the bottom starts to thicken, about 5 minutes.
mix them well ya! =D

add butter.. stir till it melts.

Turn heat down to low, ADD EGGS and continue to cook, stirring without stopping, for about another 8 to 10 minutes, OR until a thick custard forms.

So, when it comes to MARIE time, there r two ways.. whether u want to arrange them one by one like i did (in the pictures) or u transfer the thick custard to a large mixing bowl, add quartered biscuits. (patah-patahkan biskut tu dulu ye), mix until all the biscuits are coated with the custard. n i tried BOTH ways.. n i found the later was easier.

arrange them closely if u dont want the cake to be toooo sweet! (occupied by chocolates)

this was the 2nd way i mentioned previously.. mixed the biscuits in a bowl n coat them with the chocolate (custard). ARRANGE the coated biscuits. Press down firmly so there are no air pockets in the mixture.

for last layer, you should pour a layer of curtard tu lagi lah but yesterday i might overused it so not enough to fully cover the biscuits.

 and then, place into the refrigerator to chill for at least 4 hours, or preferably overnight. n sooooo...

TADA!!! slice & serve! ;D

selamat mencuba.

p/s: mr azrul made me do this post.. so dah buat ke? lagi sedap dari aku punya tak? hehe

k thanks for reading.
assalamualaikum. =)

Friday, 23 December 2011

idea for FRAMES

hello all!
this is what we call as 'reproduce' a post or in other words, i repost the pictures..
i always mentioned that i love to appreciate things.. especially my precious arts..
n by doing that, i feel like drawing more n more.. but well, most of my arts are big in size.. so the spaces for me to hang them quite limited. and now, one of my 110cm x 80cm frame is in my wardrope. tskk.. T.T

basically, i wud like to share some of frames i made this 2 years..

my favourite.. <3

this is the one that i keep in my wardrobe.. huhu

i love it! actually there are two of them..

=) i reproduced this frame from a box..

MSK gimmick's frame..

this was a crap LOL

it was inially patterned-like a newspaper (the picture below) but... i changed it. i love red more.. =D

this one.. has its own uniqueness..

so thats it! this is just to give ideas to those who wanna try to make ur own frame.. trust me. u wont regret! u will regret more if u bought a very expensive frame n it doesnt suit ur taste.. yeah if u do ur own frame, probably it will looks cheap n too 'fairy-tale' but thats the point of making it! i have THEME colour for my room so instead of i susah-susah cari, better i make myself.. according to what i plan for my room..
so selamat mencuba! =)


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

gimmicks for FIS- theme: futuristic!

hello all~
what is FIS?
urrmm ok fine, im not going to tell what exactly FIS  is but just wanna share what i'd contributed to FIS (last year's FIS).. ngeee~ XD
oh ya, i was the secretory (eh naib sec lah) for it. Damn, i didnt introduce it yet. FIS stands for Festival Ibnu Sina okay my friends. hahaks *ok serabut*
BUT at the same time, i incharged the gimmick for the opening of FIS.
acap a.k.a PAPA was the head of protocol then.
so technically, i worked under his biro lorr!
the theme was FUTURISTIC
n we chose a ROBOT to be the mascot. =D

this was the rough idea on what i wanted it to be. A rocket crashed down from the 'sky' n finally a robot came out from the smokes due to d accident! LOL

this was the backdrop. (its almost a year ago..)

oppss.. the model was topeq! he's a cool man btw.. XD a model too.. =P
the robot costume was basically made by boxes.. (entah mane diorg rembat) but seems like a TV n refrigerator's boxes. XD ok never mind. i just made it by measuring his body's cutting. measured, n cut! measures n cut! XD

Zhafir & Adi sprayed the box white in colour. (we actually tried so hard to make it look exactly like the FIS mascot) but it was a mess. because it was white, it got dirt VERY easily! soo.....

the ajks, n people sebalik tabir wrapped the costume with a silver wrappers.. i was like WOW! haha
the robot was awesome!

i didnt record the gimmick (so unfortunate) but if u cud able to watch it, it was very satisfying! with the spotlights, n another light im not sure what they named it but it was the main contributer which made the gimmick really happening! we played the transformer n step up's songs as the background music. (if im not mistaken) XD

with the VIPs..

oh ya, i forgot about the robot's head.. it was the helmet we stole from i dont know who.. hahaha nahhh.. the boys said it was Aiman's but yeahh.. we wrapped the helmet with silver wrapper too..

so, that's it
p/s: i just couldnt wait to go back home. nak buat cake n rest! these past 2 weeks were quite crazaayyy for me! XD ok thanks for reading! bye2

Saturday, 17 December 2011

idea to make 'STUDY IS FUN'! =D

assalamualaikum people! =D
i shud make this entry longggg2 time ago
but suddenly i found these few pics from my life in PASUM's album
PASUM was a year of fun!
i made a lot of friends
but as we all know
PASUM (a.k.a foundation) year is a year for SPM leavers to actually get their 2nd chance (after they failed getting overseas offers) sobs T.T or for those who really want to study in UM? hehe (note: this is soooo not generally. So please dont be pissed off okie! ;D its a funny conclusion i made thou )
ok now we'll see what can be an 'attraction' for youth to study.
because all of us know that MOST of us listed 'STUDY' as the last thing to do or even not in the 'to-do list' of the day.. but still, there r few peeps seems to be nerding all most of the time not because they really LOVE study but they HAVE to. XD
so im here to actually suggest an idea on how to make ur relationship with ur books or notes become closer. hahaks! =)

see.. what i'd done 2 years ago was, i cut an A4 cardboard (it wasnt really a cardboard) into 4 pieces. but since i have 8 subjects, so i bought 2 to make it 8 small pieces.
tips: choose your favourite colour okay! =D

then label them by subjects lorr..

oh! these are the notes for my 1st sem.. (the RED colours were 2nd sems')

it may seems like so LECEH LARR.. but see, i can arrange them in a single LONDON CHOCOLATE ROLL! for both 1st n 2nd sems notes!

n even so, u will see them as something that are so interesting to be read! haha errrr.. really? YES i guess.

3rd, you can bring it anywhere u want. easy to be carried, easy to read, n colourful! n the cover can be created by urself! dont u think u shud try? XD

4th, u can read them while ure lying on the bed. n without later being smacked/smashed/punched by ur BIG BOOK when u suddenly dozed! XD haha

i personally advice u to have something to make u LIKE study (this is so special for PASUM students n SPM/PMR candidates okay) 
i noe most of the notes are from the lecture slide n have to be copied down.

for other courses, i think u know urself better. n since we have lecture notes from the spectrum or even photostated it from ur friends kann.. macam x effective je for doing this 'craps'. -.-
by the way, i dont have any special creations for my notes now..
but thats okay. this advice is specially made for PASUM students n SPM kot? hehe

ok ape i cakap nie, never mind! just enjoy in anything u do! n try to LOVE sumthing u hate or u dunt really like! that's it! =P bcs if u love something u do, it wud be much2 easier..
ok take care my friends, sisters, brothers n lovers~ =D
(now its always raining.. my friend got flu alrdy..huhu) 

thanks for reading. assalamualaikum

Monday, 5 December 2011

how to make border.

how to make border?
border what?
what is it?
hehe ok let me tell you
if u buy a frame
but when u reached home then u found that the picture u planned to put in it didnt fit,
(sepatutnya you measure lah dulu kan) XD
but it doesnt matter
so whether u lazy mane pun,
it is better to add additional borders to cover the unfilled space in the frame.
got it? ;)

very classic idea, we're going to burn the paper.

you can use any sort of flame. =P eg: big candle, small candle, birthday candle, round candle, square candle n etc. haha ok fine, i actually used lighter (easy for me to handle the paper and to extinguish the burning paper)

do it slowly yeah. dont be gopoh lah or else u will just make the fire bigger n totally burn the paper. so apa kau dapat? ashes? hehe
it's all depends on the style u want..

so this is it..

after that, to make it contras to the white paper i've burnt just now, do another layer- black colour ok.

and then, i added another layer of white to make it contras to the real frame n the black border i made just now.

and if you can see, the white layer between the frame and the border was crumpled to make it errrr... berkedut & beralun (ok fine wth) haha okay! XD thank you for reading.
i wish i can make painting but it's really time consuming n we'll see lah okay~

have a nice day friends. =)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Black & White

hello2! & assalamualaikum kawan2!
it's almost a month with no updates..
yeah, been busy with exams n uni's projects..
btw, today i just wanna share n also some sort like helping my friend to spread the words for MSK!!

ok, what's MSK??
MSK stands for Minggu Seni Kreatif
which means...
the whole week will be all about arts?
what kinda arts?
art has a very3 vast range of fields.
later, ill tell you what wait you next week (the week of MSK)! =D

sketch for perasmian which will be framed.. 
designed by Chai i guess.. n my kerja is just redraw it. XD

started with outlines.. n darken the outlines with pen or directly apply the colour.

easy.. as easy as BLACK & WHITE. hehe (supposedly ABC huh?)

the only LITTLE hard part of it was to colour the narrow part in between the letters..

my new eraser.. LOL =P

so peeps, the MSK's theme this year: BLACK & WHITE
so this is the list of activities that will be held for the whole week.

i copied from what meline posted that day..

Pada 10 & 11 DISEMBER 2011, sempena MINGGU SENI KREATIF 2011, KOLEJ IBNU SINA akan mengadakan pelbagai aktiviti menarik. Diantaranya ialah:


-akan diadakan SEPANJANG HARI SABTU dan AHAD
-bahan akan disediakan
-dijudge mengikut kreativiti masing-masing
-yg berminat datang la ke booth kami di DEWAN MAKAN KOLEJ 6


-khas untuk peserta bengkel
-bertemakan ALAM SEKITAR
-saiz 8R

-kepada semua yg berminat
-bertemakan HITAM PUTIH
-saiz 8R
-deadline pd 12 TENGAH HARI (10 DISEMBER, SABTU)


-terbuka untuk semua (5 orang utk 1 group)
-bertemakan HITAM PUTIH
-panjang video 60 SAAT
-deadline pd 12 TENGAH HARI (10 DISEMBER, SABTU)


-terbuka utk semua
-bertemakan BEBAS
-dijudge based on firstly KREATIVITI IDEA dan secondly KECANTIKAN LUKISAN
-deadline pd 12 TENGAH HARI (10 DISEMBER, SABTU)

so that's it!
for those who interested, come2 join by submitting the things to their booths at Dewan Makan 6th college OR email to

actually, ini belum siap but i wont show it bcause it's a surprise. =P
there's still few things to be added n altered.
nevermind, but chai, sorry coz i bring it back home (feel more comfortable to use my brush not jtk's =p) hehe kiddin.

ok thanks for reading. tata

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