Tuesday, 20 December 2011

gimmicks for FIS- theme: futuristic!

hello all~
what is FIS?
urrmm ok fine, im not going to tell what exactly FIS  is but just wanna share what i'd contributed to FIS (last year's FIS).. ngeee~ XD
oh ya, i was the secretory (eh naib sec lah) for it. Damn, i didnt introduce it yet. FIS stands for Festival Ibnu Sina okay my friends. hahaks *ok serabut*
BUT at the same time, i incharged the gimmick for the opening of FIS.
acap a.k.a PAPA was the head of protocol then.
so technically, i worked under his biro lorr!
the theme was FUTURISTIC
n we chose a ROBOT to be the mascot. =D

this was the rough idea on what i wanted it to be. A rocket crashed down from the 'sky' n finally a robot came out from the smokes due to d accident! LOL

this was the backdrop. (its almost a year ago..)

oppss.. the model was topeq! he's a cool man btw.. XD a model too.. =P
the robot costume was basically made by boxes.. (entah mane diorg rembat) but seems like a TV n refrigerator's boxes. XD ok never mind. i just made it by measuring his body's cutting. measured, n cut! measures n cut! XD

Zhafir & Adi sprayed the box white in colour. (we actually tried so hard to make it look exactly like the FIS mascot) but it was a mess. because it was white, it got dirt VERY easily! soo.....

the ajks, n people sebalik tabir wrapped the costume with a silver wrappers.. i was like WOW! haha
the robot was awesome!

i didnt record the gimmick (so unfortunate) but if u cud able to watch it, it was very satisfying! with the spotlights, n another light im not sure what they named it but it was the main contributer which made the gimmick really happening! we played the transformer n step up's songs as the background music. (if im not mistaken) XD

with the VIPs..

oh ya, i forgot about the robot's head.. it was the helmet we stole from i dont know who.. hahaha nahhh.. the boys said it was Aiman's but yeahh.. we wrapped the helmet with silver wrapper too..

so, that's it
p/s: i just couldnt wait to go back home. nak buat cake n rest! these past 2 weeks were quite crazaayyy for me! XD ok thanks for reading! bye2

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