Saturday, 17 December 2011

idea to make 'STUDY IS FUN'! =D

assalamualaikum people! =D
i shud make this entry longggg2 time ago
but suddenly i found these few pics from my life in PASUM's album
PASUM was a year of fun!
i made a lot of friends
but as we all know
PASUM (a.k.a foundation) year is a year for SPM leavers to actually get their 2nd chance (after they failed getting overseas offers) sobs T.T or for those who really want to study in UM? hehe (note: this is soooo not generally. So please dont be pissed off okie! ;D its a funny conclusion i made thou )
ok now we'll see what can be an 'attraction' for youth to study.
because all of us know that MOST of us listed 'STUDY' as the last thing to do or even not in the 'to-do list' of the day.. but still, there r few peeps seems to be nerding all most of the time not because they really LOVE study but they HAVE to. XD
so im here to actually suggest an idea on how to make ur relationship with ur books or notes become closer. hahaks! =)

see.. what i'd done 2 years ago was, i cut an A4 cardboard (it wasnt really a cardboard) into 4 pieces. but since i have 8 subjects, so i bought 2 to make it 8 small pieces.
tips: choose your favourite colour okay! =D

then label them by subjects lorr..

oh! these are the notes for my 1st sem.. (the RED colours were 2nd sems')

it may seems like so LECEH LARR.. but see, i can arrange them in a single LONDON CHOCOLATE ROLL! for both 1st n 2nd sems notes!

n even so, u will see them as something that are so interesting to be read! haha errrr.. really? YES i guess.

3rd, you can bring it anywhere u want. easy to be carried, easy to read, n colourful! n the cover can be created by urself! dont u think u shud try? XD

4th, u can read them while ure lying on the bed. n without later being smacked/smashed/punched by ur BIG BOOK when u suddenly dozed! XD haha

i personally advice u to have something to make u LIKE study (this is so special for PASUM students n SPM/PMR candidates okay) 
i noe most of the notes are from the lecture slide n have to be copied down.

for other courses, i think u know urself better. n since we have lecture notes from the spectrum or even photostated it from ur friends kann.. macam x effective je for doing this 'craps'. -.-
by the way, i dont have any special creations for my notes now..
but thats okay. this advice is specially made for PASUM students n SPM kot? hehe

ok ape i cakap nie, never mind! just enjoy in anything u do! n try to LOVE sumthing u hate or u dunt really like! that's it! =P bcs if u love something u do, it wud be much2 easier..
ok take care my friends, sisters, brothers n lovers~ =D
(now its always raining.. my friend got flu alrdy..huhu) 

thanks for reading. assalamualaikum


MiaJie said...


khalis brings thousand words said...

awak sangt bergaya!!

izzah jaffar said...

hahaha XD

cik bAtu said...

tetibe teringat kenangan PASUM..hehe

Amirah said...

PASUM is also for those who chose to study in Malaysia and rejects overseas offers. Not just for those disqualified from overseas study programmes, mind that. It also doesn't guarantee a place in UM for the selected course.

izzah jaffar said...

yeah true2!! btw, i spoke, i mean i wrote from my own n others' experiences.. me too one of the people who actually rejected overseas offer n chose to study in local. =)

izzah jaffar said...

kan2 cik batu! hehehe XD

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