Sunday, 25 December 2011

kek batik for your friends.

hey people.. =)
today is sunday..
a day full of relaxness..
a day of fun..
and a day you shud spend with ur family members..
i really love the feeling when im home.
dont mind if i just sit without do anything
i just love the feelings being here.. =')

oh talking about my sunday,
i just did kek batik (Batik Cake) or also known as Marie Fudge Cake.
After consulting numerous recipes from the net, all the recipes for Batik Cake seemed to be slightly different from each other in terms of ingredients, some even got fried peanuts that has been ground, or NestlĂ©’s Nestum! But the technique was the same for most of the recipes, to cook the mixture on the stove top until it thickened into a custard n bla bla bla..

So with the knowledge of the most commonly found ingredients in various recipes needed to make this cake, i concorted my own basic recipe, and made it like i was making a chocolate topping.. or cream? -.-
never mind.

u just need,
1 packet (350g) marie biscuits
Half the 250g butter (125g)
2 eggs
1 cup cocoa powder (125g)
1 / 2 cup milo (60-70g)
1 cup water (250ml)
3 / 4 cup sugar (185g)
* You may adjust the amount of milo and cocoa powder to your taste, for example 1/2 cup milo and 1/2 cup cocoa powder.

making this cake is just as simple as ABC.
trust me! =)
so first n foremost,
mix all the COCOA POWDER, MILO, WATER, & SUGAR in a saucepan. n place them under moderate heat n cook!

stirring all the time with a whisk or a spoon, until you feel the bottom starts to thicken, about 5 minutes.
mix them well ya! =D

add butter.. stir till it melts.

Turn heat down to low, ADD EGGS and continue to cook, stirring without stopping, for about another 8 to 10 minutes, OR until a thick custard forms.

So, when it comes to MARIE time, there r two ways.. whether u want to arrange them one by one like i did (in the pictures) or u transfer the thick custard to a large mixing bowl, add quartered biscuits. (patah-patahkan biskut tu dulu ye), mix until all the biscuits are coated with the custard. n i tried BOTH ways.. n i found the later was easier.

arrange them closely if u dont want the cake to be toooo sweet! (occupied by chocolates)

this was the 2nd way i mentioned previously.. mixed the biscuits in a bowl n coat them with the chocolate (custard). ARRANGE the coated biscuits. Press down firmly so there are no air pockets in the mixture.

for last layer, you should pour a layer of curtard tu lagi lah but yesterday i might overused it so not enough to fully cover the biscuits.

 and then, place into the refrigerator to chill for at least 4 hours, or preferably overnight. n sooooo...

TADA!!! slice & serve! ;D

selamat mencuba.

p/s: mr azrul made me do this post.. so dah buat ke? lagi sedap dari aku punya tak? hehe

k thanks for reading.
assalamualaikum. =)


CIK TOM said...

sedapnya..nak sikit!adik ciktom suka buat kek batik..hee

twistal said...

yum yum yum
tapi mesti keras kan....

mr writer said...

wowww. delicioussss

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