Friday, 23 December 2011

idea for FRAMES

hello all!
this is what we call as 'reproduce' a post or in other words, i repost the pictures..
i always mentioned that i love to appreciate things.. especially my precious arts..
n by doing that, i feel like drawing more n more.. but well, most of my arts are big in size.. so the spaces for me to hang them quite limited. and now, one of my 110cm x 80cm frame is in my wardrope. tskk.. T.T

basically, i wud like to share some of frames i made this 2 years..

my favourite.. <3

this is the one that i keep in my wardrobe.. huhu

i love it! actually there are two of them..

=) i reproduced this frame from a box..

MSK gimmick's frame..

this was a crap LOL

it was inially patterned-like a newspaper (the picture below) but... i changed it. i love red more.. =D

this one.. has its own uniqueness..

so thats it! this is just to give ideas to those who wanna try to make ur own frame.. trust me. u wont regret! u will regret more if u bought a very expensive frame n it doesnt suit ur taste.. yeah if u do ur own frame, probably it will looks cheap n too 'fairy-tale' but thats the point of making it! i have THEME colour for my room so instead of i susah-susah cari, better i make myself.. according to what i plan for my room..
so selamat mencuba! =)


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