Monday, 5 December 2011

how to make border.

how to make border?
border what?
what is it?
hehe ok let me tell you
if u buy a frame
but when u reached home then u found that the picture u planned to put in it didnt fit,
(sepatutnya you measure lah dulu kan) XD
but it doesnt matter
so whether u lazy mane pun,
it is better to add additional borders to cover the unfilled space in the frame.
got it? ;)

very classic idea, we're going to burn the paper.

you can use any sort of flame. =P eg: big candle, small candle, birthday candle, round candle, square candle n etc. haha ok fine, i actually used lighter (easy for me to handle the paper and to extinguish the burning paper)

do it slowly yeah. dont be gopoh lah or else u will just make the fire bigger n totally burn the paper. so apa kau dapat? ashes? hehe
it's all depends on the style u want..

so this is it..

after that, to make it contras to the white paper i've burnt just now, do another layer- black colour ok.

and then, i added another layer of white to make it contras to the real frame n the black border i made just now.

and if you can see, the white layer between the frame and the border was crumpled to make it errrr... berkedut & beralun (ok fine wth) haha okay! XD thank you for reading.
i wish i can make painting but it's really time consuming n we'll see lah okay~

have a nice day friends. =)

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