Saturday, 27 October 2012

rainbow cake (kek pelangi)

happy eid adha people!!
basically this year, we celebrated adha in KL..
not bad since i have awesome, big and happening family members.
so both 1st & 2nd day of raya we used it to the fullest! meeting-up, visiting the elderly, BBq-ing, karaoke-ing, having birthday celebration n tats what i wanna share ere. (yeah this blog memang all about cakes pun)

since the birthday girl is a 4-year-old girl, so tout of sumthing cute, fun and colourful.
so RAINBOW came cross ma mind.
googled up recepi and i got it from here.
(malas nk tulis balik but since my cake is quite big, so i altered the measurement a lil bit. 
 all x2.5)
so just scroll down n enjoy on how i did it. it was my first time so lil bit messy.

the coloured batters

seriously jgn makan banyak2 ni kalau taknak sakit.

i didnt divide them accurately so end up with thicker (violet and light blue) layers compare to others. 

wow.. so reddish.

coating. after u coat this way, chill it for a while in ref.

continue coating. (my hands didnt go smoothly on the creams. i tried. but not enough practise i guess. it looked ugly)

ugly pun jalan jelah.. haha i made border on top and skirtings for the cake. =)

poured melted choc on top n let it pooled there. (tats the function of the border other than make it looks better =P)

so that's it. n what makes it so special? bcs WE did it together. ipah, mak uda and her daughter, fara. (eventhou mostly in beating the batter but if they didnt, sure it wud take longer time to make it. huhu)
like seriously, making this rainbow cake really time consuming. we started at 9.30 n ended around (i'd done the deco part on the next day so another 1 hour plus there) it wont be tat long if i have more moulds and bigger oven. T.T and more practise (for sure)
one layer took around 25 mins to bake. (but not violet and turqoise layers since they are thicker and they took 40 mins) =__='

before we cut it.. we actually expected worse. but finally it wasnt really a dissapointment. lol
the taste was also not bad. =P (but others said it's abit salty. but i tout tat it was supposed to be? haha)

ok, thanks for reading and enjoy ur eid, love your parents and families. =D

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