Sunday, 12 May 2013

rainbow cake 2

hey hey hey!
ive kept this post for sometimes..
malas nk tulis actually.
can i just let u guys scroll and see the process of me preparing another rainbow cake for my friend's birthday? XD
but basically,
just wanna tell that time spent for this 2kg++ cake was almost 6 hours.
4 hours+ were to prepare every each layer of coloured cake
another 1 hour+ spent for decoration and bla bla..
belum kira time for me to set the garnache and the krimwell. (i prepared earlier)
no wonder this cake if u found out there worth for RM85++
but it's not tat bad.. it was just because i have a very small oven. which is a portable oven and only afford to bake A cake at one time. haihh. (waiting for a/two big oven that attach to cabinets) *pray* n so that i can bake all the six at one shot n pooff, siap everything within 1-2 hours. and i can start business-ing i guess? =P
so basically, i started with the most bottom colour followed in rainbow's sequence.
purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.
i missed the indigo. but memang purposely did lar.. 7 colours would just make the cake taller n weirder. -.-
n indigo colour would come out almost the same as my blue. so, ignored.
for the cake's recipe, just click here.
but if u wanna save time, guna instant cake mix pun boleh. =)

i used choc cream (garnache) instead of normal white cream

coat the cake so that it would appear smooth (if u plan to pour the cake with chcolate)

well, it didnt look good pun. bcs i drove to HTAR that morning n did one emergency brake n cause some accident to it. heeee~

see larr... oh my gosh.

i love these people. =)
happy birthday eddy n belated birthday to our gorgeous piya. <3

this picture was taken right after i pour the choc coating n before i fridged it in.
so that's all.
few words
picture tells more.
so adious.

p/s: my third year gonna end very soon. so scared. pray for my everything. i want to pass. do my 4th year n end my 5th year in 2015.. insyaAllah.. ameennn..

thanks for reading.
bye. XOXO

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