Friday, 27 January 2012

another wall painting

yeah it's too late for me to post things about Chinese New Year
but we (family) really do 'something' on this special day every year! =)
but this year, i did another wall painting!
it was my daddy's request btw.
i totally had no idea on what to draw.
but it's okay to paint on this coffee area..
which's seldomly used.. so i said to myself, JUST DO IT! =D

basically, this is the area i mentioned just now..

started with sketches.

i painted the thickness for every curves based on 'instincts' (as usual) XD
i mean, u shud noe which part to be thicker and which part to be thin.
it's the balancing technique~ =)

until this part, i dah tak sketch.. (lazy for that n i wanted to finish it fast!!)
so freely move my hands which made it so enjoyable! =D

i have no idea on what to write but yeah my comment is: I'm not really satisfied with this project. Maybe because of the colours didnt match? or the idea of designs did not suit the area.. i guess both are the reasons why.. but never mind, next CNY boleh tukar kot. hehe =P

every single day left for this CNY break makes me like so moodless without reasons. hmmm..
help me!!

ok, to those who wanna review my last wall painting (which was my first too), just click here.
n thanks for reading friends!
n sorry if u too can 'feel' how moodless i am now. hehe
oh ya, to my mbbs juniors, Good Luck for ur upcoming exams! do ur very best okay! =D

thanks for reading~

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