Saturday, 14 May 2011

manggis a.k.a mangosteen

after realised the painting i made that day which was supposed to be BUAH TEMPATAN is wrong (out of what is required by the question), so i made a little change. i 'removed' apples and replaced them with mangosteen.. easy rite? but unfortunately, me, as a purely malaysian, not sure how it looks like (very pity with myself.. T.T), so i googled n found this..

yeah.. so there u are.. haha ( bukan xtau ok but lupa sikit) =P

jadi tak? jadi tak? haha (my cam's flash sumkind like 'exaggerating' the weakness of my drawing) -.-

to make it balance, i added another one.. with the fleshes..

adding colour.

blend and add some more colours...

add shades under the fruits.. XD but tis one is really rough..

purposely colour the watermelon behind them.. (gatal tangan)

ok tats all! i guess i have to practise a lot.. T.T (lama tak buat semua ni) -school age memories

extra entry: they arent mine but i still wanna post them! i adore this kinda arts.. n hopefully i may learn it one day.. (even aku tau tak akan) takde masa okay, izzah!

just roll and have fun!


errrkk... this one isnt watermelon's carving but this is real.. they MADE them cube in shape n it's cool! XD

thanks for reading!

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