Sunday, 18 September 2011

hand-made crown

tadda! refer to previous entry, i've mentioned about the dinner we organised at Rebung, Damansara..
now im going to show you how i made crowns by myself..
basically i prepared the stuffs shown below..

i bought a coil of wire (dawai) for ONLY RM1! n then, one packet fine wire for RM1.40, diamond beads, accessories n cutter. and also UHU glue! (but i didnt use it) -.- i tout i cud use it.

so basically, i made the crown base first.. i refer to the shape of my headband. i got inspiration n idea from it thou.. tis time no youtube, no copycat, no plagarism.. it's definitely my own idea.. haha but i x pernah tiru pun before nie.. -.-

i shaped the wire into loop like i did in the photo.. actually i was playing around wit the wire.. made lots of shapes, tried n error.. n finally i got the idea.. lol

it's a rough idea.. very basic, simple, and takde hala tuju lagi.. i didnt even know wut i was doing.. -.-

after shaping the frame of the crown, i arranged the beads on the fine wire n tied it on the frame.. 

basic beads arrangement.

again, i used the fine wire to tied the 'chained-beads' on the crown frame.. basically it's the only way i found it attached to the frame efficiently.. (tats y i mentioned i didnt use the UHU glue as i tried n it cudnt stick at all!)

done with the frame.

added some more accessories at the centre to make it more attractive.

used another chain-bead to some what 'wrap' the flaws on the crown base.
n finally it became like this.. (arrow in the photo below)

all right! done wit the puteri betung now move on to putera's crown.. same thing, i made the base, then the frame..

i added the beads.. 
( i used the same kind of beads as it wud be pairing wit the queen crown) lol

this was the hardest part.. nope, not hard but troublesome me! can u imagine i had to some kind like stitch or sew the chained-beads on the frame with FINE WIRE??? see the shape of frame! damn! haha it was fun but it injured my lil stubby thumbs.. huhu

last step, cover the base + cover the flaws.. (as it was my first time, so it wast that neat)

so taddaaa!! XD for puteri betung..

n putera rebung.

n thank God.. my crowns are now wit my dearest friends, topeq and fiza.. they deserved it! congratulation buddies! i noe u guys wud take good care of them n appreciate them. LOL (ok mcm anak pulak)

prince rebung & queen betung

me n my beautiful friends.. =) luv ya all~

btw, thanks for reading, n assalamualaikum. =)


Farhana said...

Dari jauh tadi, serious nmpk tiara tu mcm expensive. Inovatif btul :)

Anonymous said...

you have creative hands for a doc to be.hihi

izzah jaffar said...

myb i can use my 'ability' in surgery? lol

izzah jaffar said...

thanks fana.. =)

Wen Lee said...

cantiknya!!!! buat satu untuk sy :D kalau takpun, ajar sy ^^

CIK TOM said...

seriously cntik!!

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