Monday, 4 July 2011

tiramisu for your love

tiramisu.. tiramisu.. tiramisu..
it is a popular Italian cake
n yeah it tasted yummy! =D
but certain of my friends dislike it myb they arent coffee lovers..
but we still can 'adjust' the coffee 'saturations' XD
btw, tiramisu ni usually made up of ladyfingers n we dip in coffee, layered by cream (mascarpone + egg yolks)

so last week i made one in my own version. (i referred to akak's recipe)
i used sponge choc ckae instead of ladyfinger
n i used cream cheese instead of mascarpone. ;D

so ni lah, i baked choc sponge cake first.. n let it cool down..

so u wanna know the recipe?? u need,

1 sponge cake or any kind of cake
250ml whipping cream
200ml cream cheese
1 / 2 cup 
1 cup hot water (to mix Nescafe)
1 tablespoon powdered Nescafe
cocoa powder 
for garnish (topping)
3 eggs (only the egg yolks)

so the ways..

Mix one cup of Nescafe with hot water u prepared just now
Beat egg yolks in one bowl..
Combine sugar, cheese and cream in another bowl.. beat them until fluffy.
Combine and beat both mixtures until fluffy
Cut cake in two parts (or three parts)
Pour mixture of nescafe onto the layered cake (gently)
Then apply a cream + cheese mixture over the cake
Arrange the remaining portion of cakes and rub the remaining cream cheese & nescafe (means just repeat the steps above for the 2nd layer and also for the 3rd one.
Then cover with cling film (optional) and store in the fridge for a while (i did overnight)
Garnish with cocoa powder, any time u wanna serve it.

choc sponge cake

cream cheese (KRAFT is always the best)

whipping cream ( a lot of brands out there )

separate the egg yolks bcs we dun need the egg whites. =) (u can use it for other thing.. for butter cream maybe or use it as masker for face.. hehe it can smoothen u skin okay.. trust me! ;D)

kacau kacau kacau

yes, sgt memalukan. coz i failed to make a perfect tiramisu.
i couldnt make the cream cheese fluffy as it supposed to be.. haizz..

but i didnt give up.. continue doin this to the final! hahaks =D

n yeah.. there it is.. not bad rite??

n it tasted not bad too.. hehe but the coffee saturation was quite poor so i guess i need to add more coffee next time. =D

p/s: wish to make this to him but takut x sedap utk die.. fussy man! haha ok thanks for reading and it wud be less than a week for me to mentally prepare for 2nd year.. n i wudnt post about cakes anymore maybe? sobs..

assalamualaikum. =)


twistal said...

taknak coffe!!!!
nak strawbeerry choclate gaksss......


at least mesti ada strawberry bersadur cokelat

fussyman said...

wt smpai sdap then bru ley persembahkn.hahahaha

Nolee Yana said...

wahh izzah. nak try jgk la =)

Harafawza said...

ui , sedapnye ler . XD

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