Friday, 10 June 2011

my very first fondant

assalamualaikum and hi! =)
today's entry is just about, ''OMG i made my first fondant cupcakes!!'' haha nope..
i would like to share on how i colour the fondant and how to decorate them.
so, sit back n relax.. =)

1st step: Put the first amount of colour onto the fondant. Using a toothpick, add dots of icing color or drops of flavor in several spots. The amount you put in depends on the colour you want okie?

2nd step: Knead color or flavor into your fondant ball like picture shown below.. =)

3rd step: Continue kneading until color is evenly blended n add a little more color or flavor if needed.

Ok, dah siap colour, now nak decorate chocolate cupcakes! (make sure the cupcakes u baked have cooled down). and like the picture below, i smoothen the cupcake's surface by buttercream so that it wont 'hurt' the fondant shape. XD 
p/s: Make sure cake is level and any gaps are filled with buttercream.

A thin coat of shortening can be used on your hands and kneaded into the rolled fondant. If rolled fondant is to soft, knead in sifted powdered sugar. Dust your work area with equal parts of sifted icing sugar too okay so that it wont stick to the surface or to ur hand.
Knead the fondant till it reaches the thickness u want! (not too thin not too thick)

Cut out desired shapes, pressing your cutter evenly through the fondant.

Lift shape with a spatula and hold it softly. Position the shape as needed! senang kan? =D

 how to stick the fondant on fondant? use water n brush! brush water on the back of fondant decoration and lay down/press (softly) the fondant on another fondant n hold them for seconds until feel secure

and final touch, i sweep all the dust (icing sugar lah) on the decoration with brush.. n brush a lil water all over the surface so that it looks fresh, menonjol n cantik.. hehe =)
these are the outcomes.

thanks for reading! assalamualaikum..


hamzah ian said...

waaa.. comel2..

izzah jaffar said...

i singgah ur blog jugak td.. =)

qeen.3c said...

wahhhh! terliur! nakkkkk!
*hehe. kite follow sini :)

Ardini Humaira said...

teruja dni nak wat cupcakes gak :D

Bigdaddyz said...

bila dah siap macam nampak tipu lak ....heheeee

izzah jaffar said...

lepas dah siap, final touch up kan bg hilang semua gula2 halus tu dgn air.. sbb tu warna die enhanced n terang! =)

silentswans said... lawa..n tempting as well..hehehehe..cntk2..ske..:D

silentswans said...
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