Wednesday, 10 August 2011

how to weave ketupat?

hello assalamualaikum everyone! hows puasa so far? it have been a week already n hopefully the Muslims are still actively bermujahadah for ramadhan.. i read these from my friend's blog n i found it really makes sense!

''Ramadhan is a month of sacrifice and struggle. It is a month where Allah wants our time, our health, our wealth, and our whole being. We literally live the whole year for everything and anything. It is just one month…can we not live one month solely for our Creator?! So what if we have to sacrifice our sleep, and random other luxuries that we can do without anyway. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” The amount of sacrifice and struggle we put into this month, Allah will reward us in this world and the next accordingly.
Give yourself to Allah, and see what Allah has in store for you.''

nice rite?? =)
oh btw, back to my topic, how to make ketupat? how to weave it? the very last time i weaved ketupat was when i was in standard 4.. or 5. not sure but it was pretty longgg time ago..
but then, when i saw my roomate really tried to weave ribbons, it some what boosted me to do it too.. i googled n found this in youtube.. pretty easy to do btw.. n i practised till i finally made it! =')

yeay! seronok! =)

so technically, i learnt all the steps from this video.. trust me, weaving ketupat is damn fun! im addicted to it ady.. hehe

oh ya.. last but not least, i wud like to promote our event's programmes.. there'r a number of contests u can join.. (for peeps from IBNU SINA COLLEGE) either u r malay, indian, chinese or any other races pun, we're pleased if u guys participate in any one of the activities..
who can weave more in 30 mins..
the most liked photo..
kad raya decoration..

please be free to check this page out.. n join us! =)

ok thanks for reading!
have a nice day.. =)

1 comment:

ezzat said...

outsiders xleh join eh? i'd really love to join a kad raya designing contest :-P

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