Tuesday, 25 September 2012

cheese oreo + chocolate cheese cake

heyyyooo~ salam sejahtera.
nahhh.. i wont write lengthy post like previous one.
i just wanna share recipe~ *as usual* >,<
last time i did plain cheese cake but i didnt post about it.
i shud and i will (later) because.. i used the same recipe but i altered a lil bit.
from plain.... to oreo filling and chocolate flavour~ =)
so this time, i made both of them!
let's scroll down n enjoy~

so basically all you need are...
(for standard size mould -8")
• 125g cream cheese 
[wanna make it more cheesy, add a lil more.. maybe 150g? or more]
• 300 ml fresh milk
• 80 g butter or margarine
• 80 g flour
• 80 grams of refined sugar
• 3 A size eggs
• a few drops of vanilla essence / lemon juice

p/s: wanna know basic measurement in cooking/baking?

Prepare a pot, pour the milk .. butter .. and cream cheese, heat them in double boil pot and continuously stir.. so tat it wont crust at the base.. Use a hand whisk to stir (easier) .. dont let it boil.. just until they melted and mix up together.. => put aside n let it cools down.

Prepare two bowls, one bowl of a slightly larger and medium size.. Whisk the eggs and separate the white and yellow. Make sure the container of egg whites (make sure no yolks at all okayy) are clean without greasiness or any dirt. As usual, the best result is to use fresh eggs.. (easy to make meringue)

pic taken from sue-hasue blog.

THIRD (refer picture above)
Beat egg whites until frothy and then add sugar. Beat again until smooth and light foam. It is important for meringue to be light to produce a lighter cake. Note the picture above this number 4, it is called a 'soft peak'

After that, beat yolks pulak~ just about 1 minute.. dont have to be as light as white eggs~
psstt.. u can preheat ur oven already.. ;) (160 degree okay)

Pour the earlier mixture (the cheese,milk and butter), slowly pour into the egg yolk mixture.

Stir for a while. Sift the flour little by little, (sieve half, stir very slowly.. u can use handwhisk btw) Stir until well blended. =) -refer to picture below

pic taken from sue-hasue blog.

Pour the vanilla extract and mix again.. slowly. Finally, pour meringue into the batter. Here u can still use handwhisk but should stir them slowly in one direction round shape slowly..
always make sure they are MIXED and well blended. =)
then u can put them into mould or paper cup. its up to u. same thing

btw, i tout im supposed to do this plain light cheese cake recipe in another post. =.='
but never mind, for oreo cheese cake, just add oreo into the batter. =P
and for chocolate cheese, just change the fresh milk, to chocolate milk.. and add cocoa powder into the batter for sure..
continue scrolling~ =D

(after i poured oreo biscuits)

(after i added cocoa powder)

(after i changed normal milk to choco flavored)

time for 'creaming'~~~~ XD
wanna know how? click here.

put any colour u love~

n here we go~

after took them out from oven, let them chill for half an hour a least~ i waited for an hour.

(the chocolate cheese~)

(oreo cheese cake)- before

(oreo cheese cake)- after

usually, people dont really decorate cheese cake..
because me too prefer it to be plain..
as cheese itself pun nice already rite..
but i didnt do it for the sake of it taste.
i just wanna try sumthing new (which is the recipe) and of course i wanna decorate! XD
so let it be colourful and fancy!..
u can throw the cream away if u dont want (which i always do;))

closed up

chocolate cheese cake after decoration. =P
yeah, they looked quite messy.

So basically, that's what i did last weekend.
it took me 5 hours++
baking is really consuming time
n also patience dont u think? lol

the cream balances~ =P

i think it's really nice to put them in boxes.
(if u wanna make them as a present)
if not, just serve them right away..
or cramp them in reusable ice cream boxes. =P

if only i can make bussiness thru this... =P
(x sedar diri busy.. lepuk sikit.)
and plus, i still couldnt 'score' in term of taste.
not qualified yet.

there are variety kinda boxes sold.. for single cupcakes, triplet, quadrat, 12.. 25.. n yeah.. i think max is 25. but i dont wanna recommend this shop. u sell me those things with so handsome prices. u're lucky bcs ur just nearby my house. n u're new. so i supported u. lol

ok tats all..
thanks for reading.

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