Tuesday, 31 December 2013

roses wilton 1M-like nozel tip

wilton 1M is so famous that everyone wants it
this is how it's look like

n i went over so many bakery shops for this tiny little thing, all sold out lah. out of stock lah.
quite dissapointed.

but then one day i went back home i played around with my buttercream n used all of my nozels.
just to practise my hand n yeah, wasting time. literally.
n suprisingly, one of my cheapo nozel, with no label or number, without me realised it almost has same pattern as wilton 1M's.
so i tried on my choc moist cuppies.
with 3 pastel coloured buttercream.
i was so happy it turned out as what i expected. =D (almost)

some were damage. so i remove the roses n redo.

because i really want to make this ombre cake

taken from www.countrycleaver.com 
 will make one soon!

thanks for visiting my blog.
bye! =)

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