Tuesday, 26 November 2013

dental themed cupcakes

another order from my colleague.. senior colleague
a set of 12 cupcakes with dental theme
fuhh~ demmm excited! =D
i googled few photo on dental/dentist theme cuppies but only few came out.
so i tried do on my own and expected the best from me. hee~
so scroll down and enjoy my fondants. =)

the green sheet there was actually mask. but it turned weird. maybe the colour didnt really match the real one. 'smile' lips, few big tooths, and denture? errr...

i think this denture looked better. with toothbrush and some dental tools. what? mirror and probe?

toothpastes.. and the tools

Mix and match. Setting up the fondant decos with the bases. based on colour and equality.

added 'spices' (flower and sorts)


toothbrush with lil cutey of toothpaste on it.

''okay. now we can start putting those on cakes!'' =D

i left two cupcakes with no fondant bases to make gigantic molar tooth on it. hehe

and........ taddaa!

so that's it.
thank you for viewing my blog. =D

(p/s: for fondant recipe: click here)


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Anonymous said...

Love this!

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