Thursday, 14 November 2013

my honeymoon 4th year

hehe ter k-pop pulak..
hi.. currently tengah elective and i tell u, 4th year is so awesome + honeymoon + bored till death
why i said it was awesome?
simply bcs i can use these time for my hobby, obsession, crappy activities at home! =D
awhhhh~ i love it!
and the reason why i do small business on cakes?
that money earnt from it wud be use to do more and more cakes.
i dont take so much profit
i just wanna bake n deco!
if i do for my pleasure, who's gonna eat those cakes?
and bankrup woo kalau bagi free je. ;)
by the way, it's a great experience for me.
as for beginner, my heart was so light to have customers from other state came here for my cakes.
the initial plan was just a very small, friend-next-door kinda business
but it turned more than that.. n okay.. =)
and orders wud be considered and fit my time n schedule of course..

back to my 4th year stories..
it is also so-called as honermoon year. yup true! hehe
so free.. so relaxing..
but i dont know..
am i doing it wrong or what.
ive done my minor posting
opthal, emergency, ENT n bla bla
n read so little.
n expect to revise them in other time lah kann? Zzz
n 2 months were gone. -.-

never mind. and since i still have to stay in campus to do my elective project,
i feel like ive been wasting most of my time.
i dont know.
maybe my study isnt that interesting
or i chose a boring place, which is PPUM. Zzz
or my patients, my subjects are not that exciting.
or maybe, elective is just not for me.. lol
doing research n stuff, collecting data, giving questionnaire are so not me
it's getting bored to death was because my patients are in paeds department
n in daycare.
so the time range was just around morning to afternoon
and after that, ive no idea what to do
my hang outs are all busy with their classes (since we're in different groups)
so ive been a 'couch potato'....... 

yeah that's me. -.-
in my case, it's laptop n bed. hihi
watching Grey's Anatomy, English movies or Korean Drama (i'm new. XD)

done with my elective thingy.. 4th year and so and so..
now, let's talk bout my cakes. =D

i love baking.
it just started actually.. around 2007? (it has been 6 years thou)
since i worked at Pastry (thanks to Kak Lin)
she's awesome
i wasn't the baker.. i didnt get the chance to get into the kitchen and bake pun.
i was just the cashier.
but that subtle feeling of love towards bakery started when Kak Lin asked me to assist her in deco.
a very simple deco.
yet triggered me to explore more
i sometimes ask about cakes, cream n stuffs
since then,
i do all these 'crappy' stuffs. hehe
(crappy to my mom. tskk)

these are part of my cakes ordered in these 2-3 weeks of 'holiday'.. XD
[19 photos]

that last 2 pictures, yeah.. that's my favorite project so far.. =D
fondant cupcakes!
wanna know more how i did them?
will update soon in next entry. =)

that's all.
assalamualaikum. =)

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