Friday, 7 October 2011

i am so 'traditional'

n assalamualaikum!
this entry wud be a very short n sweet post..
on how i like SPENDING my time wit CRAPS!
rather than touch my pathology or MMB's books. (i felt sorry to myself -.-')
but to me, it's worth to 'waste' your time doing what u like rather than to 'force' yourself to do something tat u arent pleased to do it then. (but im not saying i dont like medicine. LOL)
it is just about as long as u are happy n u r smart enough to manage urself, that would be fine! =)

last week, when i was at home, my mind was distracted by my thought of 'renovating' my blog.. i tout of changing the background, the song n header.. n sort of..
then i saw this..
my sis's craps.. she did all these wastes by punching a lot of coloured papers by heer 'decorating puncher' ( i dunno wut shud i call it)

so i was thinking, i shud make use of these colourful 'craps'..

n fortunately, i always have these pieces of wasted paper.. (usually coloured)
so, enjoy my craps.. ( it took me 15 minutes to make it done) kejap kan? XD

at first, i threw the flowers n sifted them on my polisterine..
n put the wordings on them.

i added more flowers to make it look 'occupied' n 'luxurious'..

altered a bit.. n done!

to make it, i took less than 15 mins but to photoshoot them, of course longer than tat! LOL

di sebalik tabir.. XD i used only a small portion of the polisterine.

my dearest brushes.. <3

i conteng je nie.. i nak try n i tout it wudnt work.. but it did.

these craps are actually kept for 6 years.. cant u believe it?!  my sis did this when she was 13.

that's the puncher.. anyone knows wut it is called? XD

ok, ini lagi kerja membuang masa..

n u noe y i called myself traditional? bcs i do my header myself instead of using technologies such as photoshops n other progs.. (even of course i noe how to use them) ;D so, enjoy!

ok thanks for reading! have a nice day~ =)


silentswans said...

ok..dats 1st i thought it was photoshop then baca entry ni..

twistal said...

bagus btul buddy ak ni.... eks...
bila mau buat post mortem exm ari tuh? hikhikhik

izzah jaffar said...

amar, xmaw lah buat post mortem.. dah tau result hancus lebus!

Roy Martin said...

smart ouhhh....
keep it up... =)

twistal said...

bukan result yg kita kejar...
yg penting kita tau silap kita dimana...
xpa2, xnk buat xpa...
lpas ni study2.. hikhikhik

CIK TOM said...

kreatif!!nice header even xgn photoshop...hee

Anonymous said...

bekas penolong bkc!!!

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